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About this blog

This Blog is about the restoration of my 1968 BMW 1600-2 built on October 6, 1967 delivered to Hoffman Motor Imports on October 17 1967. Her vin 1560816.


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Update as of March 29, 2021

So as of this point the headliner is out and almost all of the dynamat is off the floor. I just got my 10 tooth/slat grill in today for the car. So that puts me at 4 NLA/unobtainable parts acquired for the car. Those parts being the two spoke steering wheel, swan neck mirror, embossed belt line trim and 10 slat grill. Hopefully by the 3rd of April the dynamat will all be out and the floor will be all set with POR15 applied.  IMG_0981.MP4

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