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My probable starting point is this 1976 BMW 2002 Mint Green (or Lime Sherbet as its owner described it to me) currently parked in a field in Northern California wine country.  It is a rolling chassis sans engine/trans/driveshaft.  Interior is mostly complete and intact.  Front seats and headliner need to be replaced.  As does the instrument cluster.  I've seen the interiors spaces as well as under the hood, in trunk and some of the underbelly by video call with the owner: With exception of drivers side rocker panel and drivers side front pillar, the majority of the rust is surface only from having lived most of its life a block from the beach in San Francisco.

It's part of a "kit" that I hope to soon make the trip to California (from Federal Way, WA) to bring home.  Also included in the kit are donor parts from the owners shop in Sonoma inclusive of engine, transmission, driveshaft and miscellany. 


I'd be lying if I said that first sight of the car didn't give me pause and cause to wonder if I even begin to possess the skills or resources to do this, but the seller in question is well known within the community and highly regarded.  He's a good friend to my brother and one of my sons - who worked for him briefly one summer - speaks highly of him.  So, I'm putting my faith in him, his enthusiasm and repeating my mantra "I think I can" ;)

I've never been a blogger, but I seems like a reasonable way to document the journey.   So, giving this a shot.  Input, suggestions, warnings, disclaimers, encouragement, jokes, wisecracks, any and all are appreciated.  Thanks 👍









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Bulk update

It’s been awhile since I made an entry. Painted over the spots I’d tried John Deere Green on with primer.  Then tried my hand at painting with the preval system trying a recipe suggested here using oil based porch enamel, thinner & Japan dryer.   Followed the instructions to the letter but the results were awful and wound up wiping it off before it dried.     Pulled it out in to the sunshine to take pics of it.     W&N fenders came.  Have passenger side one on and am curren


Fletcher in Update

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