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1976 BMW 2002 Twin DCOE Turbo Project

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I figure I should start a blog now that the engine swap is under way and I have collected enough photos to satisfy the masses.

I (and as far as I can tell, many others in this forum) am a VW/Audi person but more importatnly a car person, I can appreciate all... well most... brands and models. Without going into too much detail I have had my share of VWs and Audis.

I sold my project Audi Coupe Quattro after thinking I didn't need all the early 90's gizmos in a project car, I did like the car but the list of options is through the roof; from a heated door key hole to the 8 way heated seats.

Good bye Audi Coupe.


I was looking at E21s and 2002s and came across this E21, it was someone's project and the story was that they acquired an engine and bits from a E21 race car and planned to run those parts on this one. They dropped the motor in and that was the end of the project, with another project underway they liquidated this car, I got a great deal on it.

Hello E21




The E21 was a wreck, it would take thousands just to get the car on the road, I knew going into it I was buying the car for the motor to do a swap into a 2002.

Fast forward a few weeks and I came across this car on craigslist, it is a 1976 California car living in a storage unit in Michigan, the guy I bought it from was getting a divorce and really needed to get rid of it. The car was originally fjord blue but you can tell it has had a really bad paint job, the paint is faded and peeling off and it is showing some rust but the floors are solid, also there is some bondo but I don't know to what extent... I guess I'll find out if I ever decide to paint it.

The car is bone stock, no modifications other than some fog lights.


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