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About this blog

This is a build blog covering the resto-mod my Wife and I are doing to her 1976 2002. We named Betty after her mother who passed away this year. So this one's for a tough gal who's been there for you through good times and bad and had seen a lot and always came through for everyone when they needed her most. Just like we hope this car will be for us.


In this blog I'll document what we've done so far, where we're at today and where we're going. It's been a good ride up to this point. A lot of people on the FAQ have helped whether you know it or not. This community of like minded people is great and hopefully, with this blog, I can contribute back a little of what we've learned. Maybe also learn many more things as we go! 




Entries in this blog

So, Covid and other things

Well, last I posted the world was a different place. What a difference one year makes! Keeping this car related, there was a lot of drama at the body & paint shop. Since we weren't in a big hurry to get the work done it wasn't a big deal. But now that we're all moved into the new house and things have quieted down AND I've got another garage available to work in. I want the car back asap. Summer is coming!   The drama at the shop initially had us worried the work wouldn't get

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