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I've inherited my cousin's '68 and I aim to finish out his mission.

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Did some work on the exhaust...  I was hoping to save the pipes, but I've decided to replace the parts.  I think that I'd just be chasing my tail if I tried to patch it up.


Put in an order at Pelican for:

Muffler (Front) 
  Brand: Ansa Note: (1968 BMW 2002 Base Coupe)
  Part #: 18-12-1-245-265-M125

Muffler (Rear) 
  Brand: Starla Note: , Fits Auto Transmission (1968 BMW 2002 Base Coupe)
  Part #: 18-12-1-245-484-M235


I also orderd some hanger parts and gaskets...  With some luck I'll be up and running soon.




I've been helping my cousin Lukas revive his '68 2002.  He parked it 8 or 9 years ago moved out of country and left it to sit.  Back in 2016 he moved back but was on the other side of the country - so I was his remote set of hands...  We were working together to get the car going so that we could do an epic road trip from Ontario to BC.


Sadly, he was hit by a car while riding his bike and passed away last summer...  His wife passed the car on to me and I aim to execute his vision.


I'm on a budget, so it may take me a while.  This summer's goal is to get the car rolling enough to do a crazy car trip to the Hudson Bay.


So far I've worked on the suspension, headlights, sunroof, battery and the front grills.  I've been doing some videos of the action: