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Heres my project, its a little unconventional, its a lot unfinished, and its a lot of fun.


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Fuel injection for the Win!!!

**I DID NOT PAINT IT OLIVE DRAB GREEN THE PREVIOUS OWNER DID**   I just completed my fuel injection today!! This should have been my first upgrade. Ive been slowly collecting everything and the weather was in the 50s today which for spokane is unheard of, it should be in the 20s. I chose the lh2.2 because it was cheap and simple. Wiring makes my head hurt just thinking about it, so the plug and play-ness was quite appealing. not counting the battery relocation, it took me about 6 hours for everything. I scored big time on a throttle cable bracket which seemed like it was going to be the biggest hurdle. I got some pieces from an abandon project from Tom at 02again. the rest of it is just brake cable from the bike shop.   I relocated my battery a few weeks ago with the e30 cable, I just bought and marine battery cover for $13 from Oreilys and screwed it down. the today pulled out all the carb stuff and slapped on my 318i manifold. I had the harness all plugged in on my spare motor on my stand so I was able to extend t a couple of wires and figure out all IAC stuff. initially the car idle very very high like 2500-3500 so i figured it was vacuum leaks, spent some time figuring that out and it still idled high.. I ended up clamping some vice grips on the IAC hose to limit air flow and got the idle perfect.    Ill just upload some pictures. I know my car looks like garbage, but I wanted to make it a fun and reliable driver before worrying about cosmetics.         



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