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About this blog

I'm finally putting some love into my first car. I've kept Peanut wrapped up for the past 10 years in hopes to eventually not have to sell her but actually 

build her how I've imagined. My good bud Erik came on as a partner so its going to be a lot of his butt in the air while I photograph her progress. Ive been a quiet part of the faq community for the past 11 years and am excited to be more involved in the Pacific Northwest 02 family. 


Peanut is a 1973 base model Automatic with a sunroof. 

Our objectives for this build. 

Disassembly down to the bare shell. Repair known rust issues and address unknown ones. 

 Assess existing parts refurb what we can and replace what we cannot refurb.

Replace the power plant with an S14b23.

Fabricate Custom motor mounts to allow for stock E30 M3 mounts. 

Replace the trans tunnel with E30 to house the new G265.

Update fuel systems to allow for new EFI.

Install Stand alone ECU (megasqurt).

Rebuild rear end. 

Ground control coilover front struts. 

Brake booster delete as well as a full update on front and rear rotor install. 

Repair and replace sections of the nose and create a removable nose clip.

so much more....






Entries in this blog


It Begins

Its a classic tale of a 19 year old kid buying his dream car, driving it, rebuilding the engine, and before he knows it life makes him put it all on pause. 20 years later he finally gets to start the process of bringing the car back to life. My good friend Erik agreed to partner with me on the restoration and with that we started with the first steps. Day one involved much cleaning and organizing. 60 lbs of dry ice, some popping and cracking and the floors were free from the tar paper. This trick is well worth the $150 in dry ice. As its been stated before. The more the better. Outside of the typical spots around the heater box and pedal box the floors are cleaner than we were expecting.  IMG_0830.m4v



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