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1973 2002 Tii Full Restoration 


Recently complete full rotisserie restoration of my 2002 Tii roundie by Andy's Spiders in Toronto, Canada.  Andy specializes in Italian cars but after 3 Italian cars for me I was able to convince him to take on a German ... his work is amazing.  Looking for comments or any observations.  Check out Andy's web site to see some pictures - I am will post some more in this blog as well




Entries in this blog


Middle: Body work

The body was in pretty good shape to start off with - it had spent the majority of its life in CA, or at least that was what I was told, who knows!!  The rocker panels on both sides were replaced, this was the most extensive replacement work done, which isn't bad.  I sourced the rockers from Germany - shipping was expensive, but the parts were original and not "that" expensive (pre-shipping!).   I also had the front euro dam removed.  I am a classic, all original kinda guy - I also like the look much better, but that is me.  This required replacement of both front fenders as well (sourced from my local BMW dealer in NYC).   Additional welding was required on the bottom of the doors and some spots here and there - I've captured most of this in the attached photos.




The start

My 2002 started out looking like this - some previous owner added the front Euro air dam - not something I cared for and it wasn't install very well (no surprise).  I've always dreamed of an Inka Tii roundie and after years of looking I found this car on eBay, with factory a/c and a sunroof - but not Inka.  Well, a bare metal full restoration would take care of the color and the rest of the bones where there.



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