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My attempt at making the 2002 of my dreams!

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Making progress

I was able to ground the temp and gas gauge only to find out that my fuel sender unit is broken. I'm not sure how hard that would be to repair. The high beam stalk came in and I installed that. 

Things left to do:


Wipers aren't working. I don't feel any power going to the motor. I'm not sure if it's the motor itself or if it's the relay or what. I also still need another wiper.


I still haven't found a driver side mirror.


Looking for the bushing for the gas pedal.


Fix/buy a fuel sender unit.


Bleed brakes as they feel a little deep. Also, when I pump the brakes with the car off, I don't feel any pressure build up. Would that mean I have a bad brake line somewhere?


She's almost ready to pass inspection, so If anybody has any tips or leads on parts I would greatly appreciate it!









Steering column

I had bought a steering stalk for the 2002, which I recently named Eleanor, but did not realize that the earlier models are set up differently! My fault for not researching. Does anybody know where I can find one? All I seem to find are the later style ones online. Would that also fix my issues with the fuel and temp gauges not working?





Car purchased!

Bought my first bmw on friday, a 1968 2002 which looks to be all stock.


Ended up being a good find.


She runs and the interior looks awesome. Brakes were a little deep, but I'm hoping they just need to be bled. Wiper relay switch is broken and I only have one wiper at the moment. Also the gas and temperature gauges are not reading correctly. Some surface rust on the paint, but all the lights are working! I'm in need of the left side mirror glass if someone has a goos one they'd like to get rid of. It's officially my birth day today and I really think this is the best present I have every gotten myself. Haha

Lots of work before I can get her passed, but I hope to transder title in the morning..

I still don't know what to do, I just really want her as a daily. I have about a 45 minute commute thats normally half streets and half highway. The speed limit here is 70, so I would like for her to ride easily at that range, but I dont want to sacrifice thay low end. I love how well this car pulls through all gears!


Any and all ideas are welcome! Guide me along the correct path that is the 2002!!! 







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