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Hello FAQers-

I just picked up a 1973 2002 and I'm very excited to be a part of this community again. I'd always wanted a 2002 after being fascinated by an Orange one across the street from my preschool as a kid. I joined FAQ in 2011 when I bought my first 2002 - a Chamonix 1974 that I didn't own long enough to make any measurable changes to for better or worse. I sold the car to attend Paramedic school, I needed dead-nuts reliable transportation at the time and was heartbroken to sell it. I was also making $10/hr on an Ambulance and living in a 300sq/ft sunroom with no garage, so fun quirky transportation ended up low on the list. Fast forward several years and a recent move into a house with a detached 2-car garage and the hunt was on.


The car I picked up is a Colorado Orange slicktop that was owned by a guy who goes by 'Porsche Bob.' He was a mechanic for one of our local German car dealerships and suffered a stroke about 5 years ago with left-sided deficits, and can no longer drive stick. I'd attended the day-care directly across the street from his house, and grew up staring at his driveway and garage. This is THE car. The actual Orange one that started the fascination for me, and I'm absolutely thrilled to own it, warts and all. Here is a scan of a photo dated 1994, you can imagine how captivating a sight like this could be for a car-crazy kid and why it stuck with me.



I had initially been looking for a sorted, complete car that I could use as a daily driver, and was looking at buying something and shipping it home, but I was stuck on wanting an Orange roundie. I'd inquired about this car on my way home from an errand about 2 years ago and like most owners, Porsche Bob said he'd be willing to part with it for a much higher amount than I was ready to pay. The car was about 2 miles from my house, and my supportive and understanding wife urged me to go have a chat with him about it. I knocked on his door out of the blue about 2 weeks ago to see if he would sell the car to me, and we struck a rapport and I was able to see the car again. It was under carpets and blankets in his garage, and had changed since I last remembered it.


The car was hit in the back in 2009 and repaired but not painted. The rear panel had been grafted on and left in prime, but the car was about as solid and rust free as I'd seen. The interior was shot, I can stick my hand straight through the seats to the carpet. I made arrangements to return to check out the car with a local guy who daily drives a 5-speed '72 and an E9. We spent about 2 hours going over the car, the only rust we found is in the front under the battery box in the strange spot that seems to rust out on these cars. We got the car started that day but it was dumping fuel from the pump and the fuel line. Some shots from that day:




After some soul-searching and negotiating I returned with a trailer and cash and brought the car home. I've got the original manual and service book, receipts from La Jolla independent for a NOS rear panel and used bumper, as well as the receipts for the bodywork to get the car together again. The sides of the trunk are still solid Colorado, so the car doesn't look to have been kinked and is square. No rust in the tire well, shock towers, sills, floorpans. Bilstein struts and unknown lowering springs. In the sale I got several boxes of parts, 2 sets of taillights, all the trim, a Haynes manual and several other goodies. I'm stoked. I got the fuel issue sorted and have been able to take the car on several spins around town.




My short list:

Sort the brakes (brake failure is lit, feels like it is dragging a brake)

Address any immediate engine needs

Refresh the suspension, it is creaking and groaning coming out of my driveway

Refresh the interior - the seats are shot and the console wants to come apart


Eventually the car will see a repaint and overall restoration, but we have a 6-month old son and a new house with endless projects, so my time is limited. I just want to get it sorted and start driving the heck out of it, and hope to make it to Brisbane. I'm very excited to be back in the game, and absolutely tickled to have the car that started it all for me. I know she isn't perfect, but I've come full circle and am looking forward to a long ownership. Cheers!








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