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I'll start this by giving a link to my intro as that is really the starting point of all this and saves me from repeating myself. If interested begin here:


My plan has changed a bit since then as I'm sure it will many times in the future. Right now I'm going to try and focus on getting the car to pass an out of province inspection, ridiculous really as the car could be registered right now if it was originally registered in Alberta. Now I have to pass a very comprehensive mechanical/safety inspection just to get it on the road. So other than a few little blingy things that I already have I'm going to try and only spend money on those things that will matter right now, I can modify/beautify it down the road. My timeline has been moved up as I'm hoping to have it registered before the end of summer 2017. My focus now is going to be body work/structure, suspension/steering, exhaust and electrical which all have to be in very good/perfect condition in order to pass an inspection.


The engine runs but after a leakdown test I've determined that it is in need of a rebuild, I'm going to try and get away with just re-ringing it for right now and cleaning up the valve train, along with a carb rebuild (32/36). I got in on the 123ignition buy so that is hopefully my 1 big engine purchase for right now. I'm going to put most of my effort and money into things underneath the car, I don't want to look at it again after this. The 5 spd/LSD conversion will get done now while I'm under there seeing as I've already got them. I've been doing some blingy stuff that requires little money or compliments other projects/ideas which I always have going and I will start showing some off in here soon. I hope anyone reading this will get something out of it as I've already gotten a lot from this site already.


Ciao for now.


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