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About this blog

Some time ago I started building a replica 1:1 scale engine out of cardboard. It's still in progress as I figure out how to make each part. The plan is to build most of the individual pieces and then assemble like the real thing. I am using gaskets as the foundation to making every part. Artistic license has been granted when making those challenging and complex items with curves and shapes that cardboard just can't get right or for structural purposes as well. Paper engineering at it's highest art form. 


Entries in this blog


This part is still under construction as is the rest of the engine. However this was a nice juncture to show progress and direction I'm headed. 

Plan to have working valves and springs made of cardboard. Been working on a design which actually has "spring" action for opening and closing the valve. 

More on that later. Still need to make the cam, valves & guides, plus the rocker arms.  


3/15/18: Added the bump stick, valve guides and oil tube atop. 


enjoy all the segments from the beginning to show the evolutionary build. 





With all the CA rain and other distractions I have been back sliding on this build. Today I went forward. 


Not finished but progressed enough to add an entry. All the parts I have been building thus far are still rough. They will all go through a clean up stage with light sanding and finishing with the X-acto knife etc.


The dist shown is only the outer housing shell. Plan to have the cap, clips, rotor, condenser, and those fine details like on the real deal.  





At first it was pretty easy to fabricate this part. Once I got to the corners though, the challenge really began. It all came together well. Gonna make an oil filler cap eventually. 

Every form and cut is done by hand and measured roughly off of the actual part. Had to use a wooden dowl for the breather tube since I did not have a tube that size and did not want to make one by rolling thin cardboard sheet. 


Enjoy the madness of this build in my other entries. More to follow. 




Cardboard M10 Oil Pan

It was a lot harder than expected to form the complex curves of the pan. I used the real thing to model from and made a single piece template and worked it all into shape. 

Next is the head with working valves. 




Now that the crank is installed and lubed with talcum powder inside the bearings- also made of cardboard, the flywheel was next before I could mount it to the engine stand. 

I figure someone may post I need to resurface the wheel or at least torque some bolts in there, Um, Ray. 





While the crank is a custom design to work within the loose design of the block, it does function as a rotating  assembly with the pistons traveling up & down as the connecting rods rock side to side. 

It might have some piston slap due to not using piston rings, but building rings is just going too far. 






After finishing the block, next came the front covers.

Again working with the gaskets, I set out to fabricate the front covers by shaping the cardboard. For the bolt boss' I did however use wooden dowel rods. Making such a small round tube from cardboard just seemed too labor intensive. 

Added the water pump and made a modification to the front cover for the crank shaft location after making the connecting rods and pistons. 





Working with a head gasket, the basic shape of the block takes it's shape. Then using rolled tubes, the bores are laid in place and reinforced. Next came the crank gully and outer walls with detail being added. 

Additional shots of the crank gully and flywheel housing.