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Hi all, 


another weekend passes and the closer i get to getting the car finished and roadworthy. 


i managed to get the front windows in and the door seals in, however the doors are now proving difficult to close.. any ideas?




the front bumper needs some work before i can re-attach it, this requires me to put the car back up on stands AGAIN.. ill get to that this weekend as its been up and down more times than i can remember.


also i started putting on some of the trim and the badges




the number plate is held on with magnets which have been covered so they dont scratch the paint, its great and allows me to remove the plate for cleaning and aesthetics.




Long time gone

Good day to you all!, sorry its been such a long time in between posting updates but ive just been working my hardest to try and get this finished now as my time in the garage is coming to a close, and i must be out before march. 


ive been really bad with taking photos of everything that ive been doing but i have managed to get a few pictures for your delectation.


first off, i did treat myself to a new car, loving it 




thats enough of that new rubbish, back to the rust and old bits!!


so me and the old man popped down the garage to get the brakes bleed and the clutch sorted






a little oil change for the beast, was actually fairly clean oil however i know its been sitting for about 4 years without a change so was worth doing!




a lovely new pump i managed to get from a gentleman in croatia, it works so well! i cant believe i was using that old one for so long and actually getting anywhere in the car.




picture of the bay, i know that the paint around the edges is a bit shonky, but thats all cosmetic and i can fix that another time, the main point is to get everything working as it should so it can be driven soon. pretty happy with how clean the engine looks now.


then onto the next challenge....



lots of air ride bits!




i really hope that i can get a good video of the fitting process as it would be helpful for future :)


any questions on airride just shout



Havent actually posted in ages, not because i havent been working on the car, its the contrary, ive been there as much as possible evening and weekend and really working my socks off to get it finished before its just too cold to work on it. since my last post ive managed to install the new hardlines up front for the brakes, the new flexis to the calipers. fitted all the braking bits and got the system ready to receive the re-conditioned Master Cylinder.


i should have taken some before pictures of the M/C however here is an after shot



this was an original part which was re-conditioned by a company in england. really happy with how it came out and the turn around was really quick and reasonably priced.




fitted up :) went in like a dream




ive also ordered all the service bits for the car so i can fill it with nice new fluids before we start it up 




note: the oil filter is wrong! ive sent them an email and i am getting a new one soon


slight disaster with the servo :( the bleed nipple sheeered off inside the body, going to have to drill it out and replace before i can bleed it all.




:'( makes me sad, was so close to getting it done today.


on a positive note, getting closer to a final decision with the center console, and even finished the speaker pods to give me some back pressure on the front mids and to stop any phasing of the speakers.




made from heavy duty cardboard tube and filled with sound insulation to dampen any vibrations




a final shot of the console mocked up.




will probably change the orientation of the ashtray and button holder as there is some depth issues with the ash tray. the whole console will eventually be flocked in black to help it tie in with the interior of the car.


this week: hopefully will get back to the garage and get the pesky broken nipple out and get it fitted back up, a good thing which has come out of this, is it gives me a chance to clean the servos and paint them before they go back in. its just more and more things to do before the january deadline


wish me luck 


Wheels are on

So i just got back from honeymoon, and the first call was to the tyre shop! got the tyres fitted and got them on the car, well i'll let you make up your own mind. what do you think??





also a chance to see the car out in the sunlight for the first time in a long time! the colour looks great and im super happy with the stance. might try and bring it down slightly more, but overall its probably low enough.


also can i get some opinions on spot light colours... clear, yellow or half yellow???







Im Mr Brightwork

so another evening in the garage and another step closer to finishing the car, a few bits went on tonight, the grills and the wipers.








i also managed to wrap the new parcel shelf in a brown material i found, just to cover up the speakers.



might do this black if the brown doesnt fit in with the rest of the interior.




Door Cards

Another day closer to the end, i'm really pushing hard to try and get this finished now before winter, i want to get it back to my house before winter sets in. 


so after my success with the arm rests i set about cleaning and painting the old door cards, i figure i couldnt make the look any worse than they already are!



The original dirty door cards, worked out that the burning came from the previous owner who welded in seat belt mounts without removing the door cards.. thanks chum! :angry:

I think we can all agree they look pretty horrible, and i dont really want to put these back in the car after all the work i've done. 



Cleaned off the crud with some non-acidic citrus cleaner, really good stuff, and after a quick dry in the "sun" they were ready for some masking tape and prepped for paint.



as with the front arm rests, the rears would need to be done too, so a little clean and dry, these were also ready for some spray.


i chose to use the same 'Direct to Vinyl' spray from rustoleum, its a great product and goes on well. My only word of advise is, it does come out a bit wet, so recommend many light coats, not one heavy coat.. you will get the runs :unsure::lol:



Painted and Drying.



This photo was taken after two coats of the paint and a bit of curing in the sun. 



With the bits all screwed back on, i think its looking pretty dang good! the bottom part of the door card is slightly shiny compared to the original black top, i hope this fades over time.



Sitting in place in the car, not secured down but so far not to bad! You may be wondering why i have left the chrome trim a bit tatty? its a conscious decision to leave the car with some characteristics of its former life. i didnt want to strip every ounce of character the car had, so i am leaving the interior trim and all exterior trim with the bumps, scuffs and marks they came with.


whilst i was waiting for various interior parts to dry, i got cleaning with the calipers and licked a fresh coat of black VHT paint on them.


Much Better :D


back down the garage again this evening for more work! 


Arm Rest - Restoration

Hey all,


i had an issue in the past with my dirty old arm rests, they were brown, cracked and one was missing the support so it was really floppy and not much support for your arm. i was on the hunt for some black arm rests to go with the black interior, however these seem to be hard to come by in good condition, so i opted for a grey arm rest which i would clean up and paint with Rustoleum Direct to Vinyl Black Gloss Spray Paint.


The arm rests were particularly dirty and grubby when i got hold of them, also slightly sticky and smelly, YUK! 




a quick rub down with some thinners and a rag to remove dirt and grime. and then a quick dust coat with the Paint.




The paint adheres very well and comes out of the tin very well.




i let it sit for around 20minutes to go off a bit more before the first pass. already looking really nice!


i took a close up shot to show the paint sitting nicely in the fabrics contours.




i have to leave them for 24hrs before they are totally dry and ready for one more coat just to cover any areas that were missed. but so far i think they look really nice.


also had a chance to test fit the new parcel shelf which will be wrapped in a black cloth.




the Boot lock also arrived and after many months of having an open boot, i finally have a closing, lockable boot! result




until next time


Center Console

Hopefully going to add to this as the build progresses but the plan is to make a smart custom center console to house all my bits and bobs. 


To start off with, i got hold of a nice longer center console, i like these a lot more as they make the cockpit feel a bit more snug, i still have the original smaller one just incase this plan doesnt work.



This wouldnt fit my car as standard as i have a round gearstick and the hole on this is square, dont worry about this for now as i have plans for that piece. 


it was so grubby when this arrived and full of cigarette ash and dirt, the vinly was ripped and the holes on the sides, well, there was more holes on the sides than there was wood! it would have to be stripped back to bare wood.



at this stage, we started to fill the holes up with some upol filler, sand them back and then use some blocker to get a nice smooth finish.



blocker on and setting (i will come back to this after as you will see the filler primer didnt fill the gaps very well so will probably have to skim the whole side.


going back to the center support (gearstick holder). i decided that i wanted to use this part as it was nicely cut and the correct size.


after some cutting and stripping back of the vinyl and foam, i was left with this.



i threw some primer down on it just to protect the bare metal but i will cover this in black and lacquer it, hoping to use the holes in the top or sides for the airride switches, could look quite cool and a bit factory if i can get them mounted in there.


for now the project ended with a bit of filler primer on one of the sides just to get an idea of how it would sit or if the old composite wood would just soak up the primer.




it was a very cold night so had to leave it inside to dry off, we will find out how it comes out in the next thrilling installment of Center Console!!! 


Weekday Bits and Bobs

Had a delivery of a small tube of silicone so i shot over to the garage to get my aerial fitted. 


from previous blog entries you may have seen that the old holes were in the wrong place for the new bracket so i had to modify the original bracket to fit the new aerial. 



doesn't look to bad!


because of the original and the new bracket a slightly different shape, i used a small dab of silicone behind the plate just to keep the water from seeping in behind, not that it will but i just wanted to be sure.




once the silicone goes off i will trim off the little excess there is.


i also had a visit from james dad, Paul. he popped over to talk about the possibility of fitting AirRide to the car. it seems do-able using the coilovers i already have a modifying the rear trailing arm to a bellow bag on the rear. the only issue i am having is getting the Air Aero Sports bags in the UK for a good price, obvs over there in the good old US of A, they are $175 each.. over here they are £250!! 




we also chatted about a new straight pipe for my exhaust, so i drew him a little picture and cut a bit of pipe, hes off to get one made for me as he has a friend with a big bender


enjoy x


WIndscreens and Wiring

Howdy all, i'm reaching the arse-end of this restoration now and it's driving me wild, im so close yet i feel so far away from finishing. the last few bits are the horrible bits which have been left and its causing me much distress.. so, i thought i would give my good friend martin a call (the man from autoglass) to get some screens in. whilst he was there i wired in the new amp and some new rca's for the rears.




first 30 minutes was spent trying to work out which rubber was the front and which was the back... with a little bit of research we discovered the ones with the corners is the front :)



its nice having the right tools for the job, stretched the rubbers over the glass and got them ready to fit


we went with the old tried and tested method of using a cord and me being inside pulling the cord whilst he pushed from the outside.



rear in, the new rubbers are a real treat and fit like a glove!



from the inside



big mart fitting that strip, oooohh yeahhh


all stripped up and fitted, snug as a bug



front in



avec le strip.. you're all probably noticing the gap in the trim, ive managed to lose the little filler bits, more things to find :(



whilst martin was fitting the strips i worked on this mess.



new amp is savage and sounds amazing! just need to secure it down in the gap under the seat, maybe using a bit of double sided velcro so i can remove it if needed.



bit of a dark photo, but heres some of the wires which have had to be run up front, it looks such a mess but i hope its all going to be nice and hidden when everything goes back together.


also had a bang at straightening out a wonky wheel




more to come this week! 


so this weekend i started finalizing the wiring for the aftermarket sound system, i really didnt want it to go to all this effort for it not to sound as good as possible, so i actually ordered a much nicer focal amp (Still waiting for delivery) but for now just used an old lanzar amp i had knocking about to check the signal and wiring was correct. 


a real tangle of all sorts of speaker,power,earth,rca's and remote wires all in one area and all over sized at the moment, will defo cut these down and tidy it up before final fitting under the rear seat and hopefully! never been seen again. have run all the cable seperatly to avoid interference from the power into the RCA's or speaker wires. its been a real fun job doing the sound system from a comple blank canvas to actually turning the ignition and it working first time! was really pleased with how it sounds even with just the rear deck wired in. have got a short video which i will upload soon maybe so you can see/hear a taster, but i would like to get a proper video after the car has finished to show it off, its more SQ than SPL.


along with this, i had painted my bumper supports in the same stone guard black



was happy with how they came out after a little bit of rubbing down and some nice etched primer. (Excuse the mess)


i wasn't very happy however with how they mount with that horrible captive spinning nut thing inside the chassis rail.. so we went in with a little rail modification and a bit nut bolt and washer combo..



it was drilled and sealed up with primer and stone guard before the nut and bolt applied.. very happy with this actually as will make bumper removal much quicker and easier. still unsure if i will add another hole for stability as i quite like one at the moment so i can adjust the bumper to sit perfect.


thought i would snap a quick shot of the inner wheel arch at the moment as i thought it was looking rather tidy, 


kinda annoyed i didnt get a picture before as it was horrible beyond imagination.


just waiting for the calipers back so i can start on the front brakes!!! 



been a while since i've been to the garage, i've been preparing things for my wedding next week so the car had to take a backseat for a bit.. until yesterday!


got a few brake bits off at the front and my new complete kit from https://www.wallothnesch.com/ (probably only useful for the EU/UK guys) but i'm very happy with the quality of the pre cut to length brake lines and all fittings.


anyway, i only managed to get one photo, but youre in luck! im going to head back down tonight and do some amplifier wiring and get the sound system tested whilst im waiting on a few more bits to arrive




sorry again that ive really not documented the work very well, ive really just been getting on with it and forgetting to take photos of things! anyway i got a few shots at the weekend for your delectation. 


the steering is complete now, new track rods, center section, refurbished steering box, new steering coupler and all put back together. never knew how much of a puzzle it would be to get it all back together in the correct way.

the wiring for the ignition switch and the stalks was a real nightmare, however i had already started stripping the loom back to remove unwanted things and to identify wires for my new stereo. anywhoo here a picture of the whole! thing all back in and working like a dream



as above, i started stripping out wires and also including some new bits so i could wire in this mechless bluetooth stereo. wasn't too difficult as everything was nicely accessible. have hard wired it in, and will run an amp in the rear so from RCA's which all run underneath the carpets.



powered up!


another addition was the newly painted rocker and manifold. i just went for a stock black VHT paint to tidy things up a bit. the polished oil cap might change.




other jobs we completed at the weekend.


hanging the rear box with nice new hangers and plastic bits. 

fitting the manifold and the down pipe at the front. 

running heavy duty power cables to the battery for the amp in the rear. 

the dash "chrome" bits (Actually just plastic!) i will change these out i think soon, what can i cover them in to make them look more metal-like?!


new job is to fit all new brake lines and the new master cylinder




thanks for reading




I just had to throw a picture of these up for you guys. im chuffed with how they have come out, just a little polish with some autosol, i will get a bit more serious with some other polish and then seal these suckers up! tyres next ;)




everyone knows the germans make the best porn 


Rack City B*tch

The car is getting closer and closer to being able to be driven, but the closer i get the more i see there is to do! this weekend i managed to fit some important bits and address some of the questionable wiring from the previous owners.



quick pic of it up on the stands, really nice to have the car in the garage and i can work on it in the dry!


so the first job was to replace the horrible track rods and center section. i didnt get a picture of the before but i removed the whole steering assembly including the box and gave it all a good clean up before refit.




going to be nice to have full adjustment on the tracking finally and be able to get it to track in a straight line finally! 


i have a before picture of the wiring we found under the dash ! :/ see below if you dare



crazy amounts of rubbish! not even sure what the previous owner was trying to achieve but it wasnt working for me either way.. time to strip it all back to the essentials. this job took me much longer than i wanted but i needed to make sure it was correct. pretty happy with the results.


everything nice and tidy, everything that wasnt needed was removed and all the connections checked and headshrinked to protect them.


fitted the pedal box back in aswell (see above photo) this includes the cleaned and new sealed clutch slave, just waiting for the brake master!




i sent the hubs off to my man big tony :D he helped me out massivly and pressed the new longer studs in for me! as im running these magnesium wheels, the face of them is much deeper than usual and the offset means i needed to press a super long stud in, room for spacers and safely being able to tighten the lugs up.



rebuilt the hubs (excuse the overspray on the coilovers.. i need to get some thinners and remove this. 



cheeky test fit.. think its gonna look real smart when its rollin'.


james and dad helped me out over the past few weekends, james's old man came down and took a few photos of the boys at work




if youre wondering where i am.. im underneath the car trying to get things off or put something on! hahah


next job: get the windows fitted and start fitting up the new carpets and seats! 



So, ive been quiet recently, ive had my head down in the garage working on bits that arent very interesting.. lots of cleaning and painting underneath. removing bits and refitting bits.


got a few snaps from last night when i test fitted the wheels



posing with the project



Porsche BBS E32's - Harder to get to fit but will be worth it



Spring Cleaning

Hi All, 


after my recent trip to NYC and a very busy few weeks organising my upcoming wedding, i was left with little time to get to the garage to work on the car. the other issue was the state of the garage after a few months of neglect and never putting tools/parts back where i found them.. so i decided it was time for a spring clean!! 


i was having to pull the car out of the garage to work on it as there was no spare space in there (due to rubbish, parts, shelves) so, i pulled everything out and spent the afternoon cleaning it out and re-arranging the tools and parts. im pretty happy with the result.




feeling rather impressed with myself, we pushed the car into the garage and pursuaded her up onto the stands, ready to start stripping as much as possible to be cleaned/stripped/painted/powdercoated/replaced/repaired.




ive come across a few issues and i am hoping someone on here might be able to help!!


1. I removed the nuts from the steering arms, i cannot get the spline out of the holes, any of them.. help


2. the studs on the manifold are cheesed up and the bottom rear one is literally round now, i cant get anything on it.. ive tried a grinder but nothing will fit in the gap due to the steering box/downpipe in the way.. anyone had any luck using other methods to remove this?





Make Do and Mend

Gooooood morning all! 


Im going to keep this concise as i am re-writing it for the second time.. forgot to save and clicked off and lost it! ahhhh nightmare! 

anyway see the photos of the weekends work, including some fuel tanks, some fluid reservoirs and a pedal box of doom!!!



tank back from having the inside coated with POR15, looking good sitting in paint, waiting to be fittd.


i kept the original brass label from the first repair job.must have been years ago.



James mocking up the fuel breather hose.



refurbished fuel filler neck.


res.JPG.d211a6faef1ae25a2fd4966a2b0f9293.JPGthe old crudddy brake fluid reservoir, held on with cable ties.. not my doing i promise!!



masked up and in paint



both those puppies together, nice and clean.



leah and JJ for company :)




wiring loom of doom




this is the cause of a lot of problems. will be cleaned up before going back in. the cylinders are off being reconditioned this week. hopefully get it back in soon


Dash-in and Bits

Morning all! didnt get a chance to post up the weekends progress yesterday, but have a little look at the photos from the weekend below. had a really productive saturday and actually allowed myself a sunday off (well nearly). starting to really take shape :)


had to wait for some extra bits of sound deadening to turn up as i wanted to lay a few pieces on the boot floor sections, just to take some vibration out of the wood


stuck quite nicely to the rough surface, still fit nicely in the boot too. will add some foam if i have any sheets left



boot floor fitted, everything starting to come together, all black internals now 


was lucky enough to have help from dad and james, so managed to get the boot fitted properly now, and working on the torsion bars.




also had a crack at the bonnet as there was 3 of us, it was almost perfect but as many of you already know it takes ages to get this b*stard thing sitting nice,



featuring daisy the dog :) 



the engine bay looks horrible in this photo, needs a clean up and a paint very soon!!


the front lights were next, slipped straight in and plugged and played first time! love moments like that in the garage


(will probably pull them out and give them a polish up)



dropped the bonnet down and test fitted the grills, really starting to get excited about this car.


grabbed some sound deadening foam for the back (under the seat) to finish it off


wired up and ready for the amp and seats!


Alex popped along and started to put the dash back in, we're going to have to pull it again as i forgot to fit the little side air vent covers :( soo annoying!!!





looking more like a real car every time! :D


that was us done for the day on saturday and we managed to cross a few bits off the list. started to take the Brake MC and Clutch C out, having some issues removing it from the car as its never been taken off before so lots of grime and corrosion :( gave up as we were running out of light and thought we would have a crack the next time we were there. 

Did pop along to dads garage on sunday to start work on the fuel tank interior treatment (he's got some spare time so offered to do it for me whilst im hard at work)



the tank and the tank :D



bought the large POR15 treatment, after cleaning the tank out with water, it wasnt too rusty in there, so the treatment should help to inhibit anymore over the next few decades :D


next time : hope to get some interior bits in and maybe some of the glass, the goal to have this done before June is looking more likely but i dont wanna get ahead of myself, still needs hubs, brakes, wheels, steering and MOT 


thanks for reading


Booty Call

only had a few hours of dry weather on saturday so made the most and got the boot fitted! well, almost



pretty happy with how it sits (left to right and the height) wasnt very easy to get it super close, i spent a while in the boot haha



i dont think i can get it much better than that


little side shot, just a slight issue with some paint which has lifted on the boot (needs to be re-sprayed)



James. tick that mother f**ker off!


so we slung some glazing tape on the edge of the boot to stick down the new seal, and it wasnt sticky enough!! what should i use to get this attached???




after this we gave up.. decided to close the boot and ?? oh no, we had the torsion bars on wrong(again) only took us 4 times to get them in the right configuration so they will have to come off again



boot sits open like this, just need to flip them over so it can close fully.


also some fun jobs we're undertaken, i ran some of the cables for the car audio setup, Remote live, RCA'S and speaker wires for the front center console





lots of organizing this week, need to track down my missing sound deadedning, need to call the body shop about the boot and get it back in for painting again :'(, and more parts shopping again.


anyone reading this with a view to undertake their own restoration, be aware of costs, everything costs more than you think.. allow yourself 50% again contingency for extras


Another Saturday, another afternoon at the garage sorting stuff out. James arrived along with his dad who is a bit handy with cars and offered to lend a hand with some electrical issues.



he also took some photos of the car (will put these at the bottom of the blog) can you see his super cool merc infront of the bmw, air'd out 


the rest of the deadening materials turned up, however im still not finished yet and need to order some more of the silver stuff to complete the doors.



6mm closed cell foam for the floors and doors.


10mm for rear wheel arches and panel under the rear seats. complete blockage of air born noise.



the 6 on the floor, this will go underneath the peacemat XR and XL (to be continued) 



the 10 in the doors, i did also cover the rear wheel well inside that panel.



inside the rear bench seat support.



added the sticky stuff, more to go down still 



thats all the silver stuff down for now, doors left to do 



now for the ccf to go ontop the tunnel



tunnel covered, theres a bit more to go in at the back underneath the seats, however i still have amps and wires to go in there so need to cut and measure my mounts up first.


meanwhile, whilst james was cracking on with the fiddly sound deadening, me and paul tackled the rear lights (hopefully for the last time), managed to isolate everything and new connectors and wires we had it working (with a bit of head scratching)



numberplate lights arent connected as they are causing me some issues.


the rear deck floors were annoying me and the covering was really old and smelly and dirty, i whipped it off, sanded them back and gave them a prime and coat of black




excuse the messy garage, i will clean it soon


so that was it for the day, really pleased with how much we got done, will be able to have nearly a full weekend on it next week so excited to maybe get some glass in at the front and some more of the sound system.


see the pictures below which paul too. very atmospheric








Spring Evenings

with the weather looking slightly better for a few days, we grabbed a few hours in the garage yesterday evening, jobs were;


  • Get some glass in
  • Measure up the boot for the sub box
  • Write a list of remaining jobs


Soo it took longer than i thought to get only one of the rear quater windows in, wanted to make sure we did it perfectly so took our time and squished that rubber in there



lucky that james has lady fingers and helped massage the rubber for me



rubber up



slipped that glass in there, makes a huge difference having the glass and the seals in



got some more interior trim in, need to tidy up the headliner with some cleaner.. anyone got any recommendations??


thought i would throw the boot back together, was too excited to wait and see how it would look with the floors and carpet back in. also had to measure up for the sub


nice and clean and tidy, exactly how i wanted it to be.. dont know how long it'll last like this tho! haha


so the sub box will fit between the wheel wells. dimensions 660mmx250mmx200mm. should be nice and compact but gives enough interior space to maximize the 8inch sub.


we spent a while writing the list of things still to do, slightly daunting how much is left but were determined to get this car finished before june! i need to get it done soon as the parents are selling the house, soon to be losing my lovely garage :'(


over and out, for now.. getting back in on saturday for more fun (if the weather holds)


Rear Sound Deadening

Another weekend, more cold weather but the work continues! 


Goals for the weekend were to;

  • Address the rear loom issues
  • start on the sound deadening 
  • get some lights working




So i fixed the wiring loom which had been cut by the body shop, simple case of stripping the wires back and re-soldering them and applying some heat shrink




had a full squad at the car, everyone chipping in and helping with various bits and bobs




yet again james was able to come down and help and posed for a few photos 





cant believe how much of a difference this matting made, lots more to do but its starting to take a lot of the panel vibration out




some thick peacemat XL to absorb panel vibration and block road noise, this was stuck underneath the peacemat XR, there is some more foam to go on top of this after.



 hairdryer making an appearance to help stick this stuff down.



inside the rear quaters too, this was were i noticed the biggest difference, took all the vibration and made the body feel super rigid.




slight overkill maybe however there was still rattling on the cross member.



used up some spare deadening on the panel over the rear diff, this will be covered by carpet so not seen.



double team, dad and jimbo sorting out the front indicators, cant get the turn signal to stay on at the moment :( 







so i thought i would pop down on sunday and have a quick re-wire in the boot as i was having some really freaky things happened when i had no ignition on and turn signal down or up. random lights appearing :s time to start AGAIN!


Yet again james and leah popped down to help, and jack came with el to take some photos and see the car in the flesh



two of us, still cant solve the problems :@ sooooo frustrating, may have to cut the loom back to where it enters the boot and re-wire from there.



Testing for brake lights.. not working as you can see



Hate those steel wheels, cannot wait to get something nicer on here, not a big priority at the moment tho.


and one final one for the blog, he made such a fuss of the car for me this weekend and helped a lot.



Posted up shouldering number-plate lights in, wasnt correct so i ripped them out again.. this job seems to be taking forever and i cannot get it right.. how hard can it be, its only 7 wires.. 


Going to take a few days off from the car, re-think my wiring issues and get online to order some more bits to help fit stuff back on, need more clips and screws and bolts and nuts.. endless money pit


thanks for reading :)!


Hey guys, 


Actually got a few days in a row off so tried to get as much done as possible at the garage, its still really bitter outside so heater on and doors closed for as much as possible!!


first job was to get the pillar trim stuck back down after it was peeled back for painting/repair. i plan on giving this a really good clean up once the glass is in and its a bit more 'secure' 

for now i used some superglue and clips to hold it down, forgot to get a picture of it clipped up as i was working alone so cracked on.



before, can see it hanging loose (excuse the very unorganized garage)



after sticking


also managed to get the rivet-gun out and re-attach the window chrome




ordered a new radio aerial, however the adapter plate was slightly different and i knew it wasn't going to fit the existing holes.



new plate, after some modification of the old support, i ended up with a slightly rough, however functioning mount



not as 'slick' as i would want but its functional.


that was all i managed on my own on Thursday evening. back down again Friday with my old man for support.




the weather picked up so we pushed the car outside and i started work on the interior, the goal was to get it cleaned out and a coat of stone guard down.



pretty tired looking horrible dirty pans.. then for some tidy and then for the transformation



started on one side as we have some wiring loom issue on the passenger side so i wasn't able to clean it up and paint until that was sorted.



the old man sorted out the loom as we got some power to the rear.. i have huge problems with this rear loom, need professional help with it :(




Now i know i'm going to get in trouble for this but i really wanted some good sounds in this car so i did cut the rear shelf and fitted some speakers in, they will be hidden and never seen!



some nice focal components up the back, to be paired with some 5.5 coaxial fronts and an 8" sub in the boot space and a hidden Bluetooth head-unit in the glove-box.


jumped in the garage on Saturday for a few hours but didn't manage to get many photos taken. finished off the interior painting and fuel tank repairs (will come on a separate blog)





also fitted the boot, however it does need some adjustment to get it sitting correctly.




now if anyone could help me out with some electrical questions i would be really grateful! i will post up on the main forum for help


thanks for reading!!


Coming Home

Saturday morning rolls around and I've hardly slept as I'm so excited/apprehensive to see how the car looks. 

got the call from the shop to say the would be delivering it to the garage around lunch time however, i went to the shop to collect the boot and secure the bonnet down safely. 



looks black in the booth



on the trailer minus the boot! note the horrible over-spray on the inner wheel wells :( that'll be sorted by the end of the weekend



safe and sound back at home (minus the splitter which will be back this week)



little before and after


Not knowing where to start with putting this back together as i'm waiting for some sticky stuff for the rubbers, and my sound deadening.


The body shop guy had said he thought i had a leak in my fuel tank, so we pulled it and investigated.

the plan was always to give the boot a spruce up before laying the boot boards and covering with new carpet. I know its a job which is never going to be seen however its important to me to

know i've done the best i can on top and underneath every part of the car.



very grubby and surface rusty! had some loose rust inside and was worried it would be un-repairable.



not the biggest of holes but there were more underneath the underseal (which was a pain in the a*** to remove from the tank).


i haven't finished refurbishing the tank yet and will do a separate blog post for this as i think its going to come out nicely, 

for now we shot it with some primer just to avoid and flash rust whilst it sits during the week in the garage.



i have covered up the tank plaque (which can be seen in the center of the tank). it was caked in paint and after some delicate paint removal from a bronze badge, We discovered these tanks were made in Maidstone around 5miles from the garage! 

From Germany to Ireland to Warwick and now back to its spiritual home! this will be kept on show even after the tank is painted and set in the boot.



Coated the bottom with a tougher U-Pol primer for now and the top of the tank i blew over with some High build as i'm looking for a smoother finish. 


Next onto clearing out the rest of the boot space, tidying away the loom and brushing loose dirt and grime off. 

i forgot to get a picture before we had done this which i'm quite angry about however i did remember to tank one whilst the paint was setting.



i ground the leftover sealant off from where the tank sits, stripped and rust treated the wheel well (for safety) also this was then given a coat of Zinc primer.


I'm sure the missus wont mind me stealing the pink throw for now :P



laid down the U-Pol on the boot, took a while to dry as it was cold outside! 


whilst it was setting we threw some chrome work on just to see how it would look against the new paint. 



Really happy with the combination of this colour and the chrome, i'm going to run all the original chrome and trim as it was. i really like the juxtaposition of the perfect paint against the weathered chrome.




Dropped the tank in and gave it a very light coat with the U-Pol before tucking her back up for another week.


Lots more blog posts to come whilst i put her back together! if anyone would like any thing specific whilst im at this stage let me know and i will document it for you.


Thanks for checking it out!