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About this blog

This is me starting a blog to document the slow process of bringing a 1966 BMW 2000 back to life.

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Not much has happened since I bought my 2000 in July 2016.  It's been under a tarp at my family's house waiting for me to retrieve it and bring it back to SF to start the teardown..hoping to make that happen this fall.  I have ordered a few small things for it though... first is a new model designation badge for the trunklid.  Being produced in late '66, my car originally came with the 2000 lettering above the trunklid trim line...definitely proved hard to find, but BTS Autoteile really came through:




I also just ordered a set of plates for the car.  I'm still quite far from registering the car and driving it, but I wanted to be sure to get the plates I wanted:




That's all for now =)


Hi! I'm Derrick and I recently purchased a non-running, 1966 BMW 2000.  I've owned an Alpinweiß 1984 BMW 528e since 2007 (it was my first car and first BMW) and have been looking for a 2000 sedan since I first laid eyes on one sometime in 2008 or 2009.  Personally I love the shape of the 2002s and NK cars, but being a 4-door-kind-of-guy, a 2002 wasn't on my wish-list..and the four door NKs just really speak to me.  Over the next two years I plan to do quite a bit of research and acquiring of parts before pulling it out of storage in early 2018 for a full restoration (including complete stripping of parts, rust repair and a full repaint and undercoating).  I'm going to try to document the process here over the next few years as best I can.


I've included the price I paid for the car because I feel that there's very few publicly-availalbe sales records of these cars in the last several years and I think being transparent about those things helps the community better-establish value.



Here are the specifics of my 2000


Model: 2000

Serial: 1316380

Production: September 1, 1966

Delivery: September 10, 1966 to BMW Dealer Sehringer in Müllheim, Germany (close to the French border)

Color: Chamonix/Marineblau

Transmission: Manual

Mileage: Unknown (tach indicates 61,464 km, but who knows how many times it's rolled-over)

Location: Redding, CA (known to have been moved from Los Angeles, CA in May 2016)

Price: $2,400



I picked up the car two weekends ago and it's actually much better than it looked in the photos. The rust is pretty-much limited to the doors, sunroof and roof...other spots are small, very minor beginnings of surface rust. I've already emailed BMW Classic with the serial number and found out the car was built on Sept. 1, 1966 (NOT '68 like the previous owner thought) and delivered to BMW Dealer "Sehringer" in Müllheim, Germany on Sept. 10, 1966. It wears it's original Chamonix paint, although signs of previous rust-repair and repainting show in various areas (mostly the doors).


Shockingly, the doors, hood, trunk-lid, and gas filler flap all open and close with a satisfyingly-perfect mechanical thud -perfectly aligned and no rattles at all  :shock: All six windows (incl. front vents) open and close smoothly, like new, and even the sunroof works. Other than the rust and obvious cosmetic problems, the car could probably be driving again with minimal work - keys need made/locks replaced, an m10 dropped-in and new tires and I think it'd be solid for a long as you don't encounter rain. That said, I want to do right by this car and refuse to get behind the wheel until it's had a full, proper restoration.


I've posted more photos here: - those posted on July 25th are the ones I took of the car upon delivery. I especially liked the near-perfect German tire pressure sticker inside the fuel filler flap.


When the car comes out of storage (hopefully around Spring 2018), I'll be sending it in for full rust-repair and will have it painted Turkis (turquoise) and want to do an orange and brown houndstooth interior (swatch mockup below). I'm also strongly considering a later 2-liter 4-cyl, probably a stroked m42, but will be looking into several other options including an m47, n42 and n43 (ideally!).  If anyone here has experience plopping one of those more recent motors into one of these chassis, I'd love to hear about it!  (or, if someone knows that any one or all of them would be too ambitious, please tell me!)


I've NEVER restored a car before and know this is going to be quite the project.  I know that I'll spend at least $10k by the time it's all done (not including the $2,400 purchase price), but am aware it may even go over that.  If anyone has any advice for me, I'm more than willing to hear it =)  Thanks for reading!

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