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Saw this 76 2002 on ebay, looked nice, and on a whim, I placed a bid on it and ended up winning.


I soon learned a couple things:

1.  Shipping a car isn't cheap, especially if it's not running, and dealing with shippers/brokers is a pain

2.  Never buy a car site unseen.  I expected some rust, but there was a lot more than I thought with even more hiding behind bondo

Entries in this blog

Sooo....Where Was I? (2019/2020 Catch Up)

Welp, almost 2 years since my last blog post.  High-level overview of what's happened since then:   2019: Bought a property to build a new house (and more importantly, a bigger garage) Pulled the motor back out (couldn't get the 5-speed trans in no matter how much I cursed at it) Reinstalled motor/trans Fab'd a new trans mount Installed IE gas pedal Completely re-wired engine bay and fuse box Built battery holder and installed AntiGravity Lithium Batt


xr4tic in Catch Up

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