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The continuing story of an 002 that's gone to the dogs

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What Lies Beneath

I ended up with a fairly OK used pedal box from 002spares, and rebuilt that one instead. Throttle linkage setup is certainly exciting.

Pulling out the carpet to get to the box, however, lead to a new discovery, and that meant of course I had to strip the rest of the interior to see how far it all went.


So that's rust in both rockers at the front of the doors with adjacent patches in the floorpans, rust along the tunnel to passenger floor pan join, and a large collection of holes in the rear floor and rear wheel arches where there used to be a roll cage bolted in (no sign of floor reinforcements, so one might assume not a very *good* cage).

Also, a surprising amount of sand on the driver's side; both having come in through the holes in the arch, and also packed in on the frame rail next to the pedal box.

With the rust also comes crush damage to the frame rails under both floor pans, and a wide assortment of other dents in the floor. It's time to take it off to a professional; this is more than I'm set up to handle.


Gettin' Underfoot

Pedal box extracted with minimal drama... aaaand I'm not putting it back on.


I didn't shoot the PO's novel accelerator pedal attachment (a sheetmetal screw through the plastic base into the bodywork, plus some glue on the pedal nubs that stuck to the carpet), but safe to say I'm replacing that as well.


Objective: reduce or eliminate the smell of fuel in the trunk and garage.


If the convenient hole in the trunk floor I used is not available, more fuel hose may be required.


Update: after a couple of hours, the garage fuel smell is noticeably reduced. Verdict - success!


Safety First

Fixed the brake booster (non-vacuum hose, no seal on the fitting on the booster, check valve in backwards).

Time for new wheels...

And new studs, of course.

Next up, pedal box.

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