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In The Beginning

So I am finally getting down to some work on my 1969 2002 in Nevada "Standard BMW Brown".




I bought it when I moved back to Canada in April of last year, I was living in Australia and had a great little inka 1602 that broke my heart to sell and it had to be replaced.




I am the 3rd owner of the Nevada car with a great pedigree, it started its life in Southern California, Moved with it's first owner to Hawaii, then was Sold in the Mid 80's to it's Second Owner. He brought it back to Canada in the early 2000's. Due to Ailing health he sold it to me Last year. I have all the original invoices from all the services completed since 1969! Unfortunately the previous owner was a mechanic who didn't do as good of a job keeping his own records as the first owner did.


Last summer I replaced all the hydraulics in this car (brakes front and rear, brake master, clutch master and slave and the associated lines)

I installed a Retrosound Bluetooth audio because the car had speaker holes but no music.


And I have done a little putzing with engine timing, valve adjustment, etc but nothing big, the single barrel Solex which I rebuilt is not running well at all, very tough starting and rich, I think it might be flooding, I am convinced that something is up with it and it needs to go.


My plans for the car include A full and complete restoration. I am collecting parts to this end but it is a long haul and work keeps me busy, so this summer I will try and enjoy the car as it is. To get it ready for summer I have a few little tricks I will be putting on it.


Ireland Engineering Exhaust headers

bmw 2002 header 006.jpg

Mikuni 44 PHH side drafts (anyone have air horns for these?, what about carb to manifold insulator/ mounts?, they look like the image below)


and 123 Ignition Tune+ distributor


I think that this will give me a more reliable car for the summer, then the plans are to take it in for bodywork, have the rust cut out, and the body painted, I am thinking about 3 colour options


#1 - stick with Nevada


#2 - Caribe Blue



#3 - Colorado Orange

2002ti colorado.jpeg


I will also try and make this somewhat of a resto-mod, where the mod part is to source as many 2002ti/2002tii parts as possible, currently looking for a 2002ti airbox, 2002tii brake booster (rebuilt or known working), 2002tii rear trailing arms, 2002tii front struts


Let me know what your thoughts are on colours and if you can help with any of the parts I need or am looking for.




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