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About this blog

This is a 1973 2002tii, it was owned by a long time friend of mine Doug. He passed away in 2007 of cancer, and I am on a quest to finish the car. Doug had 2 2002tii's and we spent many long nights and weekends working on them, as such this car holds great sentimental value to me.


Entries in this blog


Update November 2017

Since my last entry in this build blog a considerable amount of Life has happened. One, I purchased the house across the street from the one I was renting here in Texas,Second, the day after we closed on the house my better 3/4 and I had our second child(a healthy baby girl), and third a major hail storm .Although this has not stopped the progress on Doug's car, to start had to partially reassemble the car to move it  After which I proceeded to buy a used rusted out  e30 318i for parts and stripped it in my driveway. I gave the shell away to a friend who made into a Max Max style vehicle (more on this and pics soon). In March of this after the family and I were getting settled and dealing with the Hail damage on the house and cars, I had a few friends over to help get the car the rest of the way stripped and get it in the driveway to pressure wash it inside and out ( no pics sorry). Last month I took to removing all the sound deadening inside to see the extent of the rust that occurred due to water/spilled brake fluid intrusion from the cowl area. The good news is the rust is only on the surface and should be easy to clean up. During the Thanksgiving holiday while on Craigslist, I found a deal to good to pass up, so now Doug's car has a older (71) box flared brother. The actual need for the vehicle was like another hole in my head but with 2 sets of Panasport rims, Brembo brakes,M42 swap, roll cage,fuel cell, and a NASA log book who could say no.(Again I have the most understanding wife ever.) I plan on finishing the rest of the tar and adhesive removal tomorrow, and should have the all the rust reformed and POR 15-ed by Mid December. I intend to make this Blog more regular and hope to include some time lapse video links to YouTube to keep all updated. If anyone has questions, comments, advice or wants to help please let me know.











So after moving 5 times in 3 years and halfway across the country this last time, I decided it was finally time to start this project. After trying to buy a house, selling my WRX wagon(which I had longer than I have known my wife, to put the down payment the house ) and getting turned down due a the last moment. I was a little despondent and had some money to spend, my chosen therapy ?(not to mention one of the worlds most understanding pregnant wife) Finish fixing this car. Pictures in this installment cover removal of the engine and  harness and some sound deadening. The car was running on a megasquirt  hence the missing mechanical fuel pump on the engine. Also a teaser of the turbo setup going on 










The Beginning

This is where it all began, These are pictures of the car as I received it from Doug's family. At this point, the car was so low that it would high center in my driveway. The reason for this is Doug was trying to lower his car(more) for Bimmerfest and cut the lowering springs on his 74tii, at about 8 pm Fri night (after work mind you while the janitor was tying to clean up ) so we ended up having drive to his house across town to "Borrow" the springs off of this car to even be able to get his car somewhat drive-able. Here it sits to this day on those same cut lowering springs.  Good Times. Other mods include a set of VW GTI BBS 15 inch wheels and a set of Recaro seats that were donated to the project by a friend.