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The returning to roadworthyness of a solid 1600-2

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Off come the flares

So after gathering all the parts it was time to start the bodywork. Off come the flares. It is amazing what passes for bodywork in some places. The flares and body had enough Bondo to fill a bathtub. One door had a dent that was just filled with an inch of Bondo. Unbelievable!!

The good news is that there was very little rust lurking under the flares and all that Bondo.





Why pull out a dent when you can fill it with 3/8 inch of Bondo?!




The Car Arrives

Here begins the rehabilitation of a 1967 1600-2.

Some background before we get started. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household with lots of interesting cars. Ferraris and Porsches were not uncommon in our garages. As a young man I had a great job and no responsibilities and was myself lucky enough to have several Ferraris and Porsches. But business changes (damned computers) wives and kids intervene. The one constant though has been that I have always preferred vintage over new. Now my eldest son Hans-Peter (his mother is Austrian) is 16 and similarly loves vintage cars. His first thought was an American muscle car, but he likes to drive and I suggested that American iron isn't generally fun to drive.

So we began looking at 2002s, we had a very modest budget, and were looking for cars with "good bones" more than anything. After 2 false starts we found a car in Seattle. Its previous owners had done quite a bit of work making it "unique." It is remarkably rust free. It has what looks to be an e30 moonroof, a customized Jetronic FI system, and what looks to be several lousy attempts to track down an electrical problem.

The original color is Bristol which I like, but my son says that he wants to paint it INKA!

The car arrives. Of course it comes in the middle of the night.

The Driver's door seems to fit poorly. This will need some looking into.


Wheel well has some surface rust but otherwise solid.


Shock towers are solid



As is the rear bulkhead


The engine compartment and the "unique" FI unit.

I envision the FI being replaced with DCOE 40s unless it functions flawlessly.


The vital information


Finally, Hans-Peter begins by cleaning the interior


An quick inventory shows we have the missing trim strips, but a complete inventory is in order to figure out what we need to move forward.

Comments and advice welcome.

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