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The Fire

So....Just got the car running. After about 5 minutes of rough idling ,smoking from a exhaust stud leak, the water pump seal let loose and barfed up half the radiator all over the driveway.

With a history of overheating my first project was a no brainer: New water pump,all hoses,belts,thermostat,

radiator,temp sensor,etc. Done.

With the help of FAQ never even opened the Haynes.One thing that made me nervous was the fuel line running so close to the fan and pullies.So had the bright idea of replacing the fuel lines with stainless steel braided lines. Also thought they looked really cool.

So started up the car again, everything seemed good.No leaks, old oil burned off so not smoking much.Way to excited to drive it, I convinced myself I had to run to the station to top of the tank with fresh gas.No problem only a few blocks.Fought with the gas pump nozzle filled her up and home.As I was backing into the driveway smoke started pouring for the engine compartment.FIRE! Yelled at the girlfriend, get the F'in Extinguisher NOW! Opened the hood and sprayed it down.

Turns out I didn't have the battery strapped down and it moved, shorting out on my brand new shiny steel braided gas line till it wore thru, squirting gas as the battery sparked away from the short. Wow, epic fail.

Anyway, burned some wires,melted a few injector pipes,and slightly discolored a small patch on the hood.

So.... Next project a no brainer: strap down battery,replace the frigin gas line back to rubber,redo wiring,replace injection lines,etc...


Didn't Go

Girlfriend going to to Oregon for three days, cousin's 50th bday party.Wanted me to go with.Told her I wasn't going. Had a previous commitment. Brand new set of Bilsteins and HR's sitting pretty in unopened boxes. No honey I don't love the car more than you.Have a great trip.


How It Started

My girl friend of 12 years had this brown car it her garage.Coverd in dust on four flat tires sat a 74 tii. A play toy for her young son and the niegborhood kids.It was her daily driver from when she bought it in 84 till she parked it about 1998.It had an overheating problem.She blew the motor twice, had it rebuilt twice.Then there it went again.Gauges jumping temp needle pegged she had had it, afraid to go thru all that again she parked it.

Fast forward 15 years or so,she lent her beater Subaru to an visiting friend.The Subaru ran low on water and blew a head gasket.Wanting a running back up car she said why don't we get the BMW going?

I had driven in a 1600 back in the seventys.Didn't think much of the car at the time.Seemed kind of underpowered and funny looking. My girlfriend Rachel always talked the car up.When I shared my thoughts on it she would say no no, it's a tii !!!.

So... I inflated the tires suprised they still held air.Doors moaned open,smelled a little musty,brakes frozen.Had to drag it out with my truck.

Hosed it off, pleased to find a straight looking body,few small dings here and there,some of the trim and crome missing, but decent looking paint.I wondered if I should oil the cylinders first but decided to go for it. Installed a new battery added a few gallons of freash gas and gave it a try.It turned over. A little slow but seemed okay.After a few tries the engine coughed to life.Looking back it was a that moment I became infected with 02 madness.

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