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1975 2002 project

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Well the "d" in typing has hit as I had a long entry made and then lost is and am too stupid to figure out the auto save function. The good news is that I only have one child so I have not diluted the gene pool too terribly bad. Got some new parts in and started soaking some of the rusty ones in Evaporust.

CV joints cleaned and ready for the new boots.


Lower spring perches cleaned and ready to go back in.


New rear shocks


Rebuilt calipers from Rock Auto. I tried to rebuild the old ones but one was rusted so bad I could not get one of the pistons out and then found out I had two right side calipers instead of a set. New brake pips from Bel Metric. You have to bend them so I have the bender from NAPA.


New plug wires,cap,rotor,condensor, and points. Also soaking the old calliper pistons in some Evaporust.


If you have never used/heard of this stuff it work great.



Soaked overnight.



1975 2002 Project

Don't even know how I got here but this looks to be a fun project. I got the bug for a 2002 and as usual, I don't know what I don't know, but thought how hard can it be. I have limited wrenching skills but more time than anything else and I need a project so this is as good as any others I have done. So far I have reloaded an entire suspension on an e36 and it road like a brand new car. Set the valves on three s54 engines and swapped one into my e36 track car that used to be my daily driver. It has since been retired to track only and is a formidable ride with anyone else behind the wheel except me.


Two years back I purchased an e21 320is. Very similar to the car I had when I met my wife. The goal was to get it ready to go to the Rolex in Daytona and money was substituted for time as I wanted to have it ready but would never get it ready in two weeks. So I busted out my tool of choice, checkbook and got it ready to go. It now sits in the garage next to it's stablemate waiting for it to be brought back to life.


I picked up this one for what I thought was a decent price only to find a few little items were omitted in the description. No worries as it looks like it has been passed form dealer to dealer for the last 5 years and the neglect and been covered by a 15 foot paint job. My goal is to get a nice daily driver out of it when I am done. Enjoy the ride or laugh at my folly. I will be doing what I thing the average guy can do with my skill level and know I will learn a few things on the way. This blog will only be limited by my lack of wrenching skill and that "D" I got in typing back in 1975


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