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Attempting to Restore and Preserve my memory throught this car

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A start

From 1972-1980 I owned 6 different 02's, my reason at the time was to use them for road trips. I was in my late teens early 20's and wanted to see the world. My first car was a. 1967 1602 Sahara sunroof drove from west palm beach to Laurentines national park Quebec , Bext trip west palm to Vancover Island, British Columbia ( four months). Other trips around the USA Needless the say I learned how to maintain and work on these cars. The other day I was on the on the Phone with Kornan Motorsports, while talking myself into a very expensive motor rebuild I asjed the tech if he was able to remember Karz N Partz ? It was one of the first places to offer any kind of aftermarket or performance parts Exclusively for 2002's). The gu on the phone then introduced himself, it was (Mr. Ray Korman) And he said yes that was what it was called before he took it over. Now here ism with a car that took me literally 4 years to find. Wish me luck



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