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'77 with an M42 turbo

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Major work time!

The car is now down to a bare shell with doors fitted.

Time for chassis and metal repair

To do,


Front floor pans

Rear subframe mounts

Turbo arches

M42 engine mounts

E30 rear end


Diff bracing to rear strut tops

Front strut bracing

Fit airdam and intercooler mounts

Gusset chassis legs

A few other small patches


Planning for power

blog-0969294001434384707.jpgblog-0969294001434384707.jpgOnce getting the car I tried to make a plan.. It started out as a hot m10 with cam twin 45s etc... I then got offered an m42 for good money and thought seen as it would make the same power as putting that work into an m10 why not.

And as always I decided that wouldn't be enough. I started getting together parts to supercharge the m42. I built an intake plenum and was about to start on a mount when I had a serious think about what I was doing..

Two things came from this

1. iATs would be sky high pushing an eaton m62

2. I would need to make a custom header due to the steering box behind subframe (rack in front on e30)

That's when the real fun started. I just picked up my holset HY35 with a small exhaust side for quick spool!


First update

blog-0735012001434323311.jpgblog-0735012001434323311.jpgHere is a picture of around a year ago when I picked the car up.

I am Adam, 25 from the UK

I will make a full entry of all the details and photos of parts I've squired for the car tomorrow as my battery is at 1%

Feel free to comment or ask any questions along the way!

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