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M42 swap and suspension rebuild

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It begins

So...I have owned the car for about 3 years, I found her living in a backyard in the City of Glendora. Before I bought her I had a very rusty 1968 1600. The 1600 had some really nice parts on it, 5 spd, LSD, big brakes, big clutch, etc. After deciding one 2002 was enough I swaps all the goodies to the Golf 2002 and sold the 1600. I drove the car for a few weeks after rebuilding the head and realized the car needed way to much work to be a daily. But at about that time I met my wife to be and started working on the home I would soon own. Through out the remodel and construction I would buy parts for the 2002 and store then away in bins in my attic. The motor be used is a M42 I rebuilt in college, the motor came back to me when I purchased the 1600, which I originally sold to my friend. The motor is quite nice, built with Pauter rods, Schrick cams, JE pistons, and the only M42 head Ireland Engineering ever ported/polished that I know of. With the recent purchase of my 1999 Dodge 2500 Cummins, I no longer need my 1998 Ford Ranger (my daily), so the 2002 will become my fair weather daily. So all this work started with intention of replacing/rebuilding the front suspension, but with a little persuasion from my brother the whole engine came out. Complete list of planned work: 1) M42 engine and Tranny Swap 2) Rebuild front end, install IE sway bars 3) Rear disc brake conversion 4) Custom built/IE exhaust Progress will be slow but steady, as I just had a baby daughter a month ago.



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