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BMW 2000 touring 1973

Hello people, So i am a big BMW enthusiast, I've owned several BMW's and always desired a 2002 Coupe. I looked for 2002's and realised quite quickly that they were extremely expensive for a good one. fast forward a few years and was stumbling my way through the classifieds as you do... and i came across a 2000 touring 1973 74,000 km's which had begun to be restored but the person was selling to fund an impending house purchase. not to mention the fact that he had 4-5 other vintage cars in his driveway/garages. First thoughts... I Always wanted a 2002 and to be honest has never seen a 2000 roundy, anyway i went to view it which involved a good drive north in Norway and a ferry trip. When i turned up it was leaking some oil and the timing was off. but it started looked good and i fell in love with it. Probably not the most sensible to buy a car purely as you love it but turned out to be not so bad. The previous owner had done the welding work but still required a lot of work to make roadworthy. Now i shall let some photos do the talking. Pre/Post Welding. Next Stop after welding a rub down and re-spray in original factory colour. Then Interior re-upholstered to factory look but soft leather. pictures do not do this justice as its very nice and soft and comfortable. And lastly couple of arty pictures (obviously once its finished il get some proper pictures. So..... I have purchased a complete stage 2 upgrade for the front and rear subframes from Ireland Engineering which i am waiting on delivery. Those guys seem to have a very good reputation and so far excellent customer service. Plan is to build a race car (esque) car to enjoy on the B roads and a few track days. Thanks for looking and hope to keep the updates coming throughout the duration.! Please comment/discuss i always like feedback positive or negative Lefton.

Lefton Lefton

Lefton Lefton

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