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And So It Begins

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Gringo Mark

Well this past week things started rolling along.

Started out by replacing the master cylinder, replaced a brake hard-line that had been broken at the caliper and replaced a caliper bolt that was missing for some reason. Go figure. Nice to see that someone had installed braided brake lines. Saves me a little time and cash.... Bonus.....

This made the car a driver. So over to a friends shop I went to use his lift to change fluids.

Lots of fine metal attached to the transmission plug/magnet. It appears the 1st and 2nd syncros are pretty shot (driving assessment). I might still need to bleed a little air out of the slave. Clutch starts to engage as soon as you begin to bring the pedal off the floor. Shift linkage is "all over the place".

Engine oil looked good. Outside of the differential is caked with oil based grime, but diff oil didn't look bad.

Car felt a little splashy in the corners. Speedometer works, but odometer doesn't. That will be a one evening fix from what I have read.

Once I got the car up on the lift and I got under it, I found that the ball joints and tie rod ends looked good as do most of the suspension bushings. But the drivers side sway bar bolt is missing. I guess I will have to move sway bars up the list to sooner rather than later. No wonder there was some body roll.

I didn't expect to see much rust, and there isn't much. A little at the drivers floor board by the pedal box, a little at the passenger side rear seat and a little at the spare tire well. I'll be looking for replaceent pieces.

Replaced the license plate lights.... They were broken. Cheap plastic.... Hmm.

Some fresh fuel, carb cleaner and fuel treatmet and the car runs much better than expected. Seems to run better everytime I drive it.

Float is missing from the brake/clutch reservoir, so the brake failure light is on permanent... Well, was on until I unplugged.

Stock steering wheel is a bit large. Steering feels ok.... But then I haven't driven a 2002 for over 25 years, so my reference base line may not be very accurate.

Seat belt retractors are a mess. I'll have to tear into them one evening in the coming weeks.

Small tear in the headliner.. Perfectly good headliner except for the tear. The small things.

Lights all seem to work. Not sure about the windshield washer pump yet. I'll look at in the coming weeks.

Took a close look at the tires, now that it is a driver. Three different types and one has a checked sidewall. Move wheels and tires to the top of the list.

So the next items to accomplish:

* Sway Bars - A must. I will talk to Steve at Blunt.

* Wheels and tires: I really wanted to wait on the wheels and tires, but the condition of the exiting tires has me concerend.. And I really dislike spending money twice. So, I am leaning towards a set of the the Rota RB 15x7's. But I am not sure if they will fit w/ 205/50/15 tires without body mods.

* Source/find: Brake/clutch reservoir cap w float

* Source/find: a couple of pieces of body trim

* Figure out how to properly attach the ends of the bumpers and align bumpers.

* Source/find a nice pair of side view mirors.

The condition of the transmission syncros and the shift linkage loosness has me really thinking about a transmission replacement.... Which means five speed.... Which means M20 swap. So, I'm looking for an M20 motor w Getrag 260 five speed and associated misc parts. I'll work the stock four speed until I find the right parts....

* The brakes on this car work really well... But, I already have a set of hubs, so will move forward w the bigger front brake mod. Wich means eventually i will need to mod the rear brakes.

* LSD-Will be necessary for the M20 swap.

So that is where things are at.

Gringo Mark

blog-0182803001427852366.jpgThis past Saturdy, March 28th, I picked up this 73' 2002 in Ballard. With the help of a good friend, I trailered it home. First course of business... Master cylinder and most likely a slave cylinder... So yes, the pedal box will be coming out shortly. Then a good cleaning. I have already begun ordering Big Brake components and discussing the pro's and con's of differing brands of shocks and springs with other members.

This car is intended to be my 'run around town car'. Easy to park, nimble and fun to drive. But still comfortable to take on an overnight run to the coast or to Eastern Washington.

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