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EFI Build for 2002

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2002 Build

Looking for street build with light track use. Want responsive build and going for ~ 325 HP using Turbonetics Super 60 BB turbo. Want motor built to handle more if a larger turbo and injectors are added in the future. The suspension was the first thing upgraded on the car. It has been reworked with: IE Coilovers with 300lb springs front and 250lb sprigs rear
IE Adjustable camber plates
IE Swaybars.
IE Front and Rear Urethane Bushings
Bilstein HD Shocks in the front
Koni Sport shocks in the rear
New Subframe mounts
Front control arms seam welded.
Tii boxed arms used in the rear with new bearings
New steering track rod and tie rod assembly
New Wheel bearings in front and rear
New meryle Lower Ball joints
The Brakes were also upgraded: Front brakes upgraded to Volvo Calipers and new rotors & Textar pads
Rears upgraded to disk brakes using VW Aardvark kit.
New BMW E12 Master cylinder upgraded
BMW Tii booster used.
Stainless steel brake lines