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1973 BMW 2002tii Resurrection

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For those following my shenanigans, I got my field Tii started for the first time in many years this afternoon! It didn't protest much minus the starter not really feeling like playing nice, plus needing a little more cranking juice from the truck. She started up and ran rough down low I'm assuming because of having no coolant in her the IP richened way up. She sounds nice and healthy though other than that! Now to put the radiator back in and fix the brakes then I can go for a spin! And for your viewing pleasure an HD video!!


Fuel Plumbing

Well, today after being sick or busy for weeks I got out and did some work on the Tii. Brazed the mounting bracket back onto the radiator and cleaned the rust up on the fuel tank and tank mounting lip in the trunk. I then wen ahead and installed some new closed cell foam strip to where the tank sits in the trunk. From here the long and tedious task of removing the fuel lines and replacing them began. The front was easy to get off taking all of 10 minutes tops, the rear though was an adventure! The fuel pump ended up coming out, which was a good thing because it was full of bad gas. I got all the lines on the back of the car though then I just couldn't take any more of the Ellensburg wind today so the rest will have to wait until tomorrow! Until then here are a few pictures from today.




Old Tii intake boot


Old dry fuel hoses separated between high pressure and low pressure



Well, pulled the spark plugs last week and started spraying the cylinders down with PB blaster all week and went out there today and removed the radiator and the disintegrated fan so I could get to the crank pulley easier. Also, on a Tii if you dont have a 30mm and if it's to thick (Im not sure if it is or not, I left my 30mm at my parents) an OTC 5060 works great! This is a thin walled socket designed for removing injectors in a 6.2/6.5 diesel Chevy, which I so happen to have. Found out the water pump is probably on its way out cause I can feel the shaft wobble a little. So I'll have to keep my eyes open for one. I want to make sure I can get this thing running first!! PLUS, I still need keys....

But without further adieu, here's some pictures!