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Restoration of 1973 2002 Tesoro and 1967 1600 Derby

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Petrolicious ! - April 24, 2018

Here’s to a special 2002sday! Thank you so much to Petrolicious I’m so very honored! Your distinguished film making is incredible! Kudo’s to the film maker! 😉   I’m grateful to Performance Technic for the use of their facility for the interview. And Thank you to 2002 Garage Werks for putting up with me as an ‘Attention to Detail’ customer! 😉 I appreciate all the hard work you helped put into TESORO. I’m forever grateful to all my friends who have supported me whether it was your positive feedback or helping me source parts for TESORO’s build.   This video was filmed in 3 days in the backroads of Marin. As a resident in Marin County,  there are some really nicely paved roads with incredible scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. The person who filmed this is a freelance videographer who also did some commercials for the last Super Bowl. His beautiful artistry is well portrayed in this video and I'm so lucky to have worked with him.    The interview was about 2 hours of just casual banter of questions and answers and I really enjoyed this segment as it was very light hearted and I could be more myself without having to stand next to a "Car Enthusiast Celebrity" - (AKA Jay Leno... ) and be so nervous!    Thanks to all for watching the video and following Tesoro and Derby's journey.   Here’s the link to the video:    

Trunk Panels! - March 23, 2018

Trunk Panels! It was brought to my attention after Tesoro’s restoration that I didn’t have the correct trunk panels for Tesoro. I had newly wrapped square light trunk panels instead of roundie trunk panels. I finally found a set of original roundie trunk panels that were recovered in black, but I will be recovering them in the grey elephant skin factory from BMW. I ended up giving my nice square set to a new young 02 owner that lives down the street from me... paying it forward... 😉 There have been so many old school 02 people who have helped mentor me along the way and have given me some awesome advice and 02 parts.... I make an effort that when I see someone who may need something for their car and I may have a car part that could help, It brings me great joy to see their surprising smile on their faces.... 😊