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Restoration of 1973 2002 Tesoro and 1967 1600 Derby

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Hello Tesoro.... - October 3, 2018

Icon Display at the BMWCCA Foundation. What a great visit to the BMW Car Club of America Foundation in South Carolina! Check it out if you are close or passing through! They have a wonderful exhibition of some vintage “icons”on display for the 50th anniversary of the 2002! Of course the first thing I do when I see TESORO is detail him up! 🤦‍♀️😉  

BMWCCA Golden Gate Chapter CC Presidio - September 15, 2018

Today at BMWCCA CC in the Presidio, San Francisco.... Derby was the oldest car there! 😉  Great to see my friends from San Diego drive up in their M2s (Dan Tackett and friends) - and Dieter Stenger (E21 Schwarz) from Sacramento!  (Jeff Cowan took the last pic of the ///M2's)   




Hurricane Florence! - September 13, 2018

With the hurricane looming in South Carolina .... I’m feeling quite anxious and concerned for TESORO being at the BMWCCA Foundation Museum! 😬 But I’ve been assured that the Foundation is taking extra steps to make sure all vehicles are protected and safe! 🤞Hoping for the best outcome to the Carolinas! 




Legends of the Autobahn - August 24, 2018

For the love of 1600’s! Derby wins 1st place 🥇at the Legends of Autobahn for clean class! There’s something special and stunning about this early original 1600 that everyone seems to 💗! I’m so happy For Derby’s debut for Monterey car week! Thanks to everyone for the follow and support! 🤩 @ Nicklaus Club - Monterey 

Detail Party ! - August 23, 2018

While my friends are safely rolling into Monterey, or at fabulous car parties.... I’m having a ‘detail party’ of my own tonight in my parents crowded garage with my sassy sweats on and getting both cars ready for Legends of the Autobahn.... !!! 😉    

Little Car Show in Pacific Grove - August 22, 2018

Derby does it again at the Little Car Show in Pacific Grove for cars under 1800cc’s !! This time with TWO awards from the Merchants Group of Pacific Grove and an Honorary award from the Pacific Grove Youth Center! 🏆There are no first place, best of show, etc at this car show. It’s all about the residents of this little town of Pacific Grove and their favorite picks! Thank you to the City of Pacific Grove giving Derby some love! 🤗💕  

Carmel By the Sea Concours on the Avenue - August 21, 2018

Derby wins Second place in class at the Carmel By the Sea Concours on the Avenue! Both cars presented really well and I was also invited up to the podium to talk about my cars with Donald Osborn and Alan de Cadanet! 😊 Thanks to the help of Bill Arnold BMW, Mike Berger at Matteson’s auto Repair in Pacific Grove , and Connor Elkington from @vintageautobahn! And the driver for Tesoro Andrew Wilson! 🤗🏆 So amazing to have met some really incredible car people and followers! Thanks for all the support!     

TESORO is ready for Monterey car week! - August 18, 2018

TESORO is all ready to rock and roll for Monterey car week! Heading down to Monterey now, but it’s a bit bittersweet.... TESORO’s last ride in CA! After Monterey car week... my little treasure will be shipped out to South Carolina to the BMW Foundation Museum TIL January 2019! Looking forward to an amazing last week with my TESORO! 🖤 Thank you to the most talented car photographer @misscourtneymae for documenting this journey! 📸