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Restoration of 1973 2002 Tesoro and 1967 1600 Derby

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Hillsborough Concours d' Elegance - July 21, 2019

For the love of the 1600   The moment is here, its time to show and shine! But if it was only easier said than done.    Let me take you to how Derby got prepped for the Hillsborough Concours de Elegance.    First of all, the Hillsborough Concours is the longest consecutive running concours in the world! No joke. They have gone longer than the "Quail" or even the Pebble Beach Concours.  For 63 continual years, they are proud of this tradition of honoring and celebrating ex

DERBY IS DONE! - May 25, 2019

DERBY IS DONE! @northbaybavarian Rick had completed Derby’s engine to ORIGINAL SPECS in less than 3 weeks! That’s including rebuild of transmission, carburetor, suspension, painting, bead blasting... it’s really remarkable and the quality of work is superb!! Unlike TESORO’s restoration with the exception of the body and paint, DERBY’s engine and mechanical restoration was quite enjoyable! No stress at all! It was a great honor and pleasure to work with Rick! He does projects as if he was working

Car enthusiast friends are one of a kind! - May 14, 2019

Car enthusiast friends are one of a kind! I feel so very fortunate to receive such pieces of history from a few1600/2002/NK aficionados and friends! We as Vintage Car Collectors know that these collective articles are a prize possession that gives us details as to how these cars were brand new out of factory. I will be using these to help guide Derby’s light restoration of the engine bay. Here’s a sneak peek of the factory firewall in the background 😍  

Derby Engine Refresh - May 3, 2019

This special little car has been so well cared for and maintained from Germany and the previous owner has kept this car in the most original form. I have felt like the torch has now been passed to me, therefore, I plan to keep this car running like it just came out of factory in 1967.   Derby has been smoking, so I have decided to have the m10 engine with 6volt restored in its original state by using BMW 1600 OEM parts. North Bay Bavarian will be taking on this engine project.  

Wheel Wednesday Change up - May 1, 2019

For Wheel Wednesday, I switched out to this super rare steering wheel for TESORO. This is an original BMW 1600 GT GLAS steering wheel (sans original horn button) I really like how this flows with TESORO’s interior.     

Tidy Trunk! - April 16, 2019

TESORO’s trunk is nice and tidy in preparation for the Bay Area 02 swap and show in Brisbane, CA on May 4th. I am ecstatic over this brilliant fuel filler design by Kooglewerks ! No more contorting myself in fear of gas burping up onto the paint! 😉

TBT - January 31, 2019

Feeling Brisbane vibes today for a TBT! Looking forward to the next one in May!    When I grow up, I am going to be that little old lady driving her classic car(s) - with driving gloves on! ... ☺️ 




Closing gala - January 19, 2019

Closing gala for The BMWCCA Foundation museum for the 50th Anniversary of the 2002s was a success! Great to have met so many new faces and thank you for including TESORO in this incredible honor!   Time to bring Tesoro home! ☺️   If you haven't already bought the ICON Book... You NEED to buy the "EXPANDED EDITION" ... This is the complete book of all the cars that were there. Here is the link:    https://bmwccafoundationstore.com/collections/the-icon-50-years-of-the




Sprechen Sie Deutsch? - January 14, 2019

Motorvision TV stopped by the BMW CCA Foundation Museum and spoke with Museum Coordinator Michael Mitchell about the special 50th Anniversary Display of the 2002s.  Check it out in the youtube video listed below. (PS: its in German with no subtitles)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X80Sig4B2Gs    




Making arrangements for TESORO.... - January 8, 2019

Making arrangements for TESORO to come home soon! In the meantime, there’s only 2 weekends left before the 2002 display is over at the BMWCCA Foundation Museum! Hope you got a chance to check out those on display! 🤩   (The Golf 2002 in the background is 2002AD's Alpina also on display...)

Hello Tesoro.... - October 3, 2018

Icon Display at the BMWCCA Foundation. What a great visit to the BMW Car Club of America Foundation in South Carolina! Check it out if you are close or passing through! They have a wonderful exhibition of some vintage “icons”on display for the 50th anniversary of the 2002! Of course the first thing I do when I see TESORO is detail him up! 🤦‍♀️😉  



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