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1968 bmw 2002

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So after removing the rear spoiler and some random tape on the trunk I started sanding and picking away at the cancer. Reveling a rather larger area of rust and decay. So I've been looking around at different fiberglass/ carbon fiber trunks and making phone calls, but they all seem to be out in CA and buy the time they ship them its going to be a ton of money. Does anyone know of a supplier on the east coast, so shipping wouldn't be that bad. Already tried VAC motorsports out of PA but their supplier is in CA and he would have to ship it for $250. If anyone knows anything it would help out. Thanks Cory blogentry-44372-0-06861100-1368545928_thblogentry-44372-0-95321400-1368545992_th


Hello everyone,

Have been looking at 02's now for a couple of years and been on this site for awhile reading peoples builds. About 2 months ago I finally picked up a car in NC. So far I haven't done much to the car, trying to keep it together till I gather more parts and overall idea of how far I want to take it.

The car came running pretty smoothly with alpina fenders, bwa wheels and a assortment of little changes from the past two owners. To my knowledge two owners before me, dabbled with the car at track days. If some one knows more about this car let me know.

I have some pics of the car. Along with the little bit of body work I've started to do.

Plans: At some point doing a engine/tranny swap. Going to be going turbo, probably sticking with 4cyl. to keep weight proportional. Been looking at different engine ideas. sr20det s13/s14 also m20 and bmw s14 but these seem to be rare and expensive. I have been looking at the s2000 engine from Honda, been trying to find someone that has put one into a 2002 but haven't had any luck finding a posting or even a picture. If anyone knows of such a project please let me know.

I will be trying to update this when I make progress. I'm going to be having quite a few questions along the way. blogentry-44372-0-66138900-1368331321_thblogentry-44372-0-33363700-1368331369_thblogentry-44372-0-02076000-1368331380_thblogentry-44372-0-43245800-1368331397_thblogentry-44372-0-33587000-1368331421_thblogentry-44372-0-36607500-1368331438_thblogentry-44372-0-80221700-1368331346_thblogentry-44372-0-45279200-1368331374_thblogentry-44372-0-92108000-1368331389_thblogentry-44372-0-52352400-1368331411_thblogentry-44372-0-32420100-1368331429_th

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