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In this blog, I will detail one of my current projects: Slide-valve injection for the 2002

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Wouldn't it be great if...?

Wouldn't it be great if someone made a direct bolt-on slide valve throttle body for the BMW 2002 when converting to fuel injection? I'm pretty sure that nobody does, but I'm going to change that! First off, a little bit about me: I'm currently a freshman at San Jose State University, Mechanical Engineering Major. I have many years of experience building racecars and have worked with slide valve applications on early Porsche 911's. Also, I am part of my university's Formula SAE team, where each year we design, manufacture, and race a formula-style racecar. Also I have a 1976 BMW 2002, which is built as road/track car. The Plan: I am planning on using designs of Porshce slide-valve throttle bodies to design the M10 throttle body. I am utilizing SolidWorks to do all of the CAD work. The motor will likely be injected using a Megasquirt injection system, but I'm not 100% certain yet. I am also planning on utilizing CFD to optimize throttle body components so there is maximum airflow. The throttle body itself will be machined out of aluminum. Also, I am planning on running velocity stacks. Currently I am CADing the base of the throttle body. Unfortunately, all I have are traces on paper of the base of a stock intake manifold. I have an extra stock manifold that i can get dimensions from, but its currently down in SoCal and I wont be able to get it until next month. Luckily though, I can still CAD with rough dimensions, and then I can make everything precise once I get my manifold. Also, If anyone has CAD files of an M10 intake manifold of any style (stock, side-draft, etc.) that they can send me, I would greatly appreciate it, as it would save me a bit of work!



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