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project blog - ground up 74 conversion

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I heard from a buddy that he heard my car was being blasted the past couple days and was to be EP'd (epoxy primed) today.

Last I saw it looked like this.


I figured I had better see this for myself, primarily because I was considering going elsewhere since there had been no progress in about a month.

I show up and this is what I see.blogentry-35299-0-74512800-1372119192_th

Needless to say, I was happy as anything.blogentry-35299-0-25557800-1372119824_th

So I shot a couple pics.




JULY 10thth, 2013

So I visited the body shop today, July 10, 2013 and I felt like a Loomis or Brinks truck doing weekly drop offs of cash. Anyway, the dings and dents of 39 years have been banged out, and new life is breathed into the old girl.

First coat of prime is on and needs to be blocked and some pits need to be tidied up. I see some #022 paint in the future, it'll be like a sunrise of sorts.

Anyway some shots from today's visit.

blogentry-35299-0-99083500-1373507087_th blogentry-35299-0-59159500-1373507123_thblogentry-35299-0-34591000-1373507179_th blogentry-35299-0-40008500-1373507204_th

UPDATE July 24th 2013

So July 24th I head over to the shop and see this out back by the hedge, with no one in sight resembling a worker........ but I did seize the chance to snap a couple pictures of it since it was nice and sunny, so no flash etc....

blogentry-35299-0-07593400-1375401683_th blogentry-35299-0-26696100-1375401733_thblogentry-35299-0-07173300-1375401829_th blogentry-35299-0-56806300-1375401880_th

I was a little disappointed with the standby that my car had been put on, but what can I do right?

UPDATE August 1st, 2013

Today, I was scheduled to drop off some cash to get current with the progress. I stopped in around 10 this morning to not see my car anywhere inside, and thankfully not in the rain. I bumped into the paint guy and he said I got there in the nick of time as they were about to re prime it and he wanted to show the seam sealing and so on.

I peaked into the booth and this is what I got to see and snap a couple pics of.


Then the painters headed in to start priming. The window was pretty grimey .... so this is the best I could do capturing the action.


When the first guy came out, I asked if they would get to some orange today.

Well he said go grab a coffee and we'll be done orange and clear by lunch.

I came back at 12:30 and they were cleaning their guns.



blog-0267884001368294254.jpgblog-0267884001368294254.jpgblog-0267884001368294254.jpgblog-0267884001368294254.jpgblog-0267884001368294254.jpgblog-0267884001368294254.jpgblog-0267884001368294254.jpgSo from May 1st onwards there has been some progress worthy of documenting, if for no one else but me.

The concepts is tidy, not flashy (other than original Inka orange) and good handling.

Old Progress blog shows a little of the cage and some of the trim and corner marker deletes.

I had the rear parcel tray and rear firewall replaced. Previous damage and speaker holes etc were unsightly to say the least. The factory seat mounts were deleted and replace with lower supports to bolt different seats to.

blogentry-35299-0-82526400-1368291407_th blogentry-35299-0-58380000-1368291544_th

The mechanical handbrake was deleted and is being replaced with a hydraulic handbrake with a porportioning valve inline. As seen in the pic above.

The bottom of the front valance was removed due to rot and an aftermarket Air dam is to be installed. The front bumper is deleted.


In the end the ride will be set lower than factory and the air dam will give a tidy look to the front and to give the rear a tidy look from the outside I had a stainless exhaust tip made to be relocated to the centre.

blogentry-35299-0-02530400-1368291902_th blogentry-35299-0-03921100-1368291918_th

With it sitting lower I opted to have a custom fuel cell made, which regretfully intrudes in the trunk space, but will not rub on the ground and look hideous. blogentry-35299-0-46763900-1368292073_th

That is how it all looked as it left for blasting and priming on May 9th.......

looking at parts -

I have a 318ti diff that is to donate the guts to convert my existing diff to an LSD

The engine of course blogentry-35299-0-80892600-1368293952_th

Edis from a ford escort blogentry-35299-0-40782000-1368294035_th

A cracked engine mount.... to be repaired next week with a 3/16 plate



Old Progress

This blog is merely the patch over from the old project blog section to the new blog section.

Below are some of the progress pics over the last long while, when progress was slow and sporatic.

blogentry-35299-0-18839800-1368236307_th blogentry-35299-0-25310200-1368236412_th

blogentry-35299-0-16817600-1368236491_th blogentry-35299-0-09013000-1368236625_th

So much has happened, some of which was covered in another section, but here are some of the pics

from way back.

blogentry-35299-0-31995500-1368289232_th blogentry-35299-0-69525900-1368289337_th

blogentry-35299-0-99326000-1368289424_th blogentry-35299-0-47333700-1368289454_th

blogentry-35299-0-09998800-1368289798_th blogentry-35299-0-13687700-1368290408_th

blogentry-35299-0-73545900-1368289596_th blogentry-35299-0-86670700-1368289685_th

A little re-enforcement went in

blogentry-35299-0-93783700-1368289904_th blogentry-35299-0-03234900-1368290148_th

blogentry-35299-0-36199900-1368290516_th blogentry-35299-0-45390200-1368290552_th


This is how it started off a number of years ago. I bought it from Sacramento, had it shipped to Boston, and drove down from Canada to get it. It did not run at the time I picked it up, and the whole plan was to do a powerplant transplant. As it sat in my old tight garage.


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