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My 70's custom barn find

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blog-0517533001413749174.jpgblog-0517533001413749174.jpgblog-0517533001413749174.jpgblog-0517533001413749174.jpgblog-0517533001413749174.jpgblog-0517533001413749174.jpgblog-0517533001413749174.jpgAfter joining the community and putting info on the facebook 2002 group I though it best to join on here and show everyone what has become a very interesting 2002 find. The car is a 1968 2002, it was declared a right off in the uk after an engine fire at only 15 months old. My father in law bought the car with the intentions to get it back on the road as he had a thriving body repair shop which dealt with a lot if insurance work. Being somewhat of a demon with a paint gun it then turned into a complete custom job. The car sat in a corner of the workshop and was worked on when ever anybody had spare time. Eventually around 1974 the car was completely reprinted as you see it today, custom Thrush side pipes had started to be installed and the interior 'revamped'.

A great part to this story is that this car was completely painted using Berger Paints, on hearing about this creation they actually came to view the car and offered a first class trip for 4 and the car to the US for it to be displayed at 14 locations for various motor shows to demonstrate the artwork. The only problem the car had to be completely finished and alas it wasn't done in time. Obviously this was a complete regret for many years to come.

I have known of the car for the last 8 years but it was only a couple of months ago when I felt the need for a project car for my business I remembered this and made an offer. The car quite literally has not been touched for 40 years apart from being moved from garage to garage. Time has taken its toll and the front end has some bad rust, boot floor a small rust hole, sills are rotten and bottom door edges not the best. Unfortunately the engine had had the head removed to be used on another vehicle but never replaced so the cylinder block is pretty rusty!

My intentions when originally posting on the forum were to completely strip the car and rebuild a turbo inspired car with a new improved engine. However the response I had from other owners was quite surprising, due to its completely outlandish design almost everyone who was commented has insisted the car stays as it is. The choice has been made to completely restore the car to how it was meant to be in the mid 70's complete with Cobra Slot wheels, crazy side exit exhausts and mental paintwork. The interior will be going, although kept to one side for sentimental sake, to be completely replaced with brand new and reconditioned parts. Engine bay completely stripped, repaired and repaired before installing all reconditioned or new engine parts. Same under the car with it being stripped back ahead of repairs and new running gear. Oh and better not leave the trunk out :)

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