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2002 S14

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front end custom

blog-0772940001450132534.jpgThis is the basis of the new front end with custom crossmember dropped low to allow engine to sit low enough (dry sumppped only) with 265 getrag box to not need tunnel modification.

A cross brace will be added to link the adjustable caster rod ends with the inboard pick up point of the front control arms.


new strut tops

Here is a pic of the new strut tops I got laser cut... As i am running 17" wheels to get a decent stroke and to get a bit more caster this is what I came up with... I am running SLR lower arms which are 40mm longer with E30M3 front struts and custom roll center spacers



so camber as you see it will be adjustable between 1 and 4 deg -'ve



Spec So Far

Thought I better share some progress pics...

I am doing yet another S14 conversion with a few differences...

E30 rear subframe, widebody e46 front arms, custom front crossmember.

Stroked 2.7l S14, 12.5:1 searching for an easy 290hp with lots of torque...

Here are some pics of the rear end conversion to start with...

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