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BMW 2002 Engine Swap

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I have a 1976 BMW 2002. It was partially restored by the previous owner but still has some cosmetic shortcomings. My first priority, especially now, is to put time and money into performance before working too much on shinning things up. My big projects there include a new clutch (possibly a 5-speed conversion), new suspension, and what was just going to be a carb tune has turned into a planned engine swap and conversion to fuel injection with a turbo charger.

I recently blew a head gasket, at the very least, and stumbled across a running M10 with fuel injection and also a turbo charger. I'm starting this primarily for help and advice on what parts to get and where to get them from but I will also need some technical advice from time to time also.

By the end of the engine work I will definitely have some extra parts that I'll need to pass along to those interested.

Does anyone out there have some good pics of a turbo installed on a 2002? And where do you recommend placing the intercooler?

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