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2002ti S14 Racecar

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Engine started!

Finally got to work on the car after some time off. Not to familiar how Tunerstudio works yet but the engine started at the first attemp. Seems like it's runnign good for one that didn't turnover over 6 years... If anybody has some pointers on a basemap for Megasquirt please feel free to pitch in.

Getting really excited about tuning and dyno.

Video is actually the second start because first one phone was off...

2nd start.MOV


Wires, wires, wires...

It's been a while! Aside from work and moving the car to Patrice's new garage for winter we've been redoing the car's body and engine harnesses. Cleaned off a lot of the unecessary wires as you can see. We also set up the switchboard and fuse block and crimped/soldered every wire/connector. Postionned the EDIS module and DME. We tested all guauges, fuel pumps, lights, wipers and everything worked except flashers. Turned out to be a bad relay.

Connected the computer to the DME and we were able to start fiddling a bit with Tunerstudio. Fuse box wring harness still needs to be taped but started to get really excited about the project! We are up to figuring the accelerator pedal cable/linkage right now and we can't wait to hear the engine!










blog-0684225001410918020.jpgblog-0684225001410918020.jpgblog-0684225001410918020.jpgblog-0684225001410918020.jpgblog-0684225001410918020.jpgblog-0684225001410918020.jpgblog-0684225001410918020.jpgHey all!

In the pass few weeks worked on the fuel system: installed a fuel surge tank, fuel filter and secondary fuel pump. All lines inside car were already installed when got the ti. Only needed to fabricate one hose under vehicle and install 2 bulk-head fittings for the trunk setup. Also replaced the in-tank pump with a AEM unit. Fuel supply system is pretty much completed minus a tray/bracket to hold the fuel pump in the trunk. Will wait until the final positioning of the battery to figure that out.




After that was "taken care of", took a couple of days to think and see what the harnessing and electronics were going to be. You need those thinking days sometimes.

Purchased the driver's seat this weekend: ended up with a OMP HTE-R. Nice fit for Patrice and me. We also found out that we will need to modify the steering hub and one post in the roll cage but not a big issue. Passenger seat is a older OMP WRC seat… I think.


This weekend started the wiring inside the car. Not my favorite part let's say but a nice comming along. Ordered a missing fuse board that should come in sometime next week. Still a lot of work ahead of us but we want to make things right so taking our time.

The biggest "happening" was probably tonight when I finally got the custom ignition wires. Wow, 3.5 months of waiting… Was I happy. They look amazing. Custom Moroso wires with ford tower type connectors that will be matched to a MSD coil.


So things are moving up! I attached a couple other pictures for you guys to see the remote oil filter setup and coolant hoses.

Will post soon on the advancement of the electrical part. Feel free to comment or if you have any suggestions!








Hi to all,

My friend (Patrice) and myself (Jamie) bought this 2002ti in November 2013 from a member here. We both had some interest in vintage BMWs and racing so the opportunity was too good to be true. The platform is a 1970 2002ti matched with a S14 engine.

Up until now we are slowly but surely putting the pieces back of this project together. I will post up pictures of the work done so far as soon as they are all uploaded.

Next step on the car is finishing the fuel system and surge tank setup.

Feel free to pitch in if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!




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