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70 2002 Atlantik Blau

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So there is more to this story about how I happened onto this 02. And more importanly why would a red neck transplant (GA to CA) whose friends all drove mustangs and camaros and vanagans around would even consider a BMW. There are always regrets and that 67 fastback is one. But only slightly since it is very unlikely my dad would not have driven it like he did the 02? A 17 year old car when I bought her was hard to see what the true features of the car were. New radio, cut front springs and faded carpet and new (e30)14 inch coke bottle wheels. The funny thing about this car is that it is as old as I am. My first car I ever bought was this 1970 BMW 2002. I gave it to my Dad who stuck it in a shed for 20 years and prepared it to be restored.

I will post photos as I can cause what blog is sufficient without photos. I will also try and document everything that is original to this car since there are fewer examples. This is as close to my car as I can find and would have to agree that this is also a sterling example.

At the very least the link will live on here for my records.

Items that I will be fixing first.

Removed Fuel tank to clean, seal and paint. Fixed pin hold by local welder.

Replaced drum and wheel cylinders with Tii models.

Front brakes are next to detemine why they are locked up too.

Replace water pump

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