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My slow 72' round build. Resto/mod

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I washed it and started an assessment on what the car needed so I could just drive it for a little bit. It would barely run and when braking, it did a wild dive to the right. Not good.


One evening whilst drinking beer with a buddy and looking over the car I started looking under the carb. Broken vacuum hoses and air leaks. I fixed those and tried starting it. She fired right up! It actually caught me out it revved up so quickly. Responded to throttle and idled really well too. I was surprised. Thats where I left the engine for the time being. I had a car to make safe.

Placed a phone call to IE and ordered a bunch of parts. Bushings, control arms, brake lines and some ignition components. I tore the front end apart and refreshed it. The car now ran decent and stopped in a straight line :)




blog-0106782001407554994.jpgblog-0106782001407554994.jpgblog-0106782001407554994.jpgblog-0106782001407554994.jpgblog-0106782001407554994.jpgblog-0106782001407554994.jpgblog-0106782001407554994.jpgI had started a thread about my latest project (year old now) but thought it may be better to run a blog instead. I enjoy reading other build threads and blogs and though that maybe somebody would get the same enjoyment reading and following mine.

Last year after some searching I found a 1972 round for sale that was only 4 hours away. A couple of calls and a borrowed trailer, myself, my brother and a friend of mine hit the road to go see a car. When I got there it didn't seem a good as it did in the pics. We looked it over, drove it around the block and then looked it over again. The rockers weren't the greatest, oil was pissing out of the front engine cover and the transmission, the exhaust was leaking and the interior panels and seats were um.. ok. It did however have clean floors and solid front and rear wheel wells and shock towers.

After a beer and dinner full of talk and decisions, I decided I wasn't going to buy it. I called the seller and told him I wasn't going to purchase it. On our way out of town and more discussion I realized that I still really liked the car and that it actually was what I was looking for. Rust wasn't crazy and to be honest, I didn't care about the mechanical since I knew I would be rebuilding it all anyways. I called the guy back, gave him an offer, we turned the truck around and loaded the car in the rain. That day we did a round trip of about 850kms and got home at 2am.



The next day I woke up to pictures of the car on the trailer, posted on Facebook by my wife. I guess she liked it haha. Bonus!

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