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About this blog

Pictures and Descriptions of my 2002 and what I've done to it so far

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Project #1

-Hey just thought I'd update all 0 of you following my page :) Though this will still be a good record place for me and pictures that I can refer to later.

While my dad was at work I decided to go ahead and plasti-dip the rims on my 1975 2002, and while the car was lifted, take off the front bumper

I started at 2:00pm and with a friends' help finished at around 10:00pm after cleaning up...

(We also wanted to check a braking problem that I had been encountering that forced the car to pull left when braking while going fast, or just braking hard.

My friend recently coated his 18" SAAB rims in matte black paint which looked pretty nice, so I decided to repaint mine from silver to white to match the color of my car (see before and after pictures)

While plasti-dip can be more expensive, it is rubber-based and therefore removable, so unsure of whether I would like the end result, I chose plasti-dip.

I lifted the car myself and being inexperienced almost shattered the oil pan with the floor jack :) Luckily I didn't position it there and hit a solid part of the car which worked to support it.

After the car was up I took off the wheels and applied 6 coats of plasti-dip to the rims, on my grass, without taping any of the tire off. There are now 4 white circles in our lawn hehe :)

Thankfully the unwanted excess white paint on the rubber tire peeled easily (pretty cool, actually) and I was left with some solid matte white rims. I also bought some "metallic finish" plasti-dip spray that you add on after coating the rims, but I tested it on some scrap metal and all it did was add sparkles (and a little depth) so unless that's what you want go ahead and buy it

Upon removing the front bumper (which was astoundingly easy, just had to remove battery and use some air-pressurized tools to unscrew the 22mm bolts, which was HARD with tools on the Imperial scale :( ) We discovered how much cooler it looked without it in person (really, it does). It actually kind of looks like a shark because of the tilted-forward front end with the two lights on either end posing as eyes. It just kind-of looks like a menacing, beastly shark --- Which my friends and I loved, but my mom thought was "brutish" haha.

Then came the brakes...

I had already ordered sets of pads for the front disc brakes and thought after replacing them (if only I could) I would paint the calipers and drums lime green or red, maybe orange or yellow, something to stand out behind the freshly coated white rims. I wasted 2 hours because ONE of the four pistons within the caliper on the front left wheel was STUCK out. And I mean STUCK, we tried putting a vise-grip on it and closing the gap with the adjustable circle-screw-thing on the end and made 6 FULL ROTATIONS, to no avail. This was what was causing the "pull to the left" braking problem mentioned earlier.

Long Story short there are 2 ugly holes in the front of my car, 2 squares of residue (from black accordion bumper things) and I need to order a new/have NAPA rebuild my caliper. Looks like my suspension upgrades will have to wait

-Also I got a bunch of cool free bowling coupons from our Local NAPA auto-parts dealer because apparently "no one else would take them", so I got that goin' for me, which is nice. Hmu for free bowling :)


Hello all,

This is my first blog post on this website and I'm including the picture I posted on Instagram because I couldn't find any others at the moment.

I own a 1975 BMW 2002, in great working condition with around 175k miles. Bought it soon after I turned 16 and got a job --- I got it at a good price for the condition it's in for $4500. It will appreciate in value to so (to quote Bill Murray in Caddyshack) I got that goin' for me, which is nice.


-Rust around window slots

*I painted over it recently with touch up paint

-Driver's seat has multiple tears in usual places from use

*I'm taking it in 7/20/14 to have it repaired

-Rear left Camber is completely off, causing the car to pull to the left when braking at speeds 40mph+

*Don't know what to do about this yet --- Comments with help are much appreciated :)

-Fuses Blow very frequently

*Replaced with new fuses (the one's in there were from like 1985, and few had blown)

-No Radio, Speakers all from 1990

*$90 JVC radio along with quad 3-way speakers and dual 10's subwoofer

-Brakes and Tires were literally "10 times over the edge of what is considered safe" - Les Schwab guy

(Keep in mind the previous owner used it as his daily driver, not sure how he managed to live)

*Brakes and tires all replaced

-Heater core broken (Leaks something on the accelerator pedal when driving)

*too expensive to fix right now

-Rear Bumper smashed in on one side due to previous owner not setting E-brake, rolling into a tree

*Rear bumper compression shocks pulled back into place via rope and a hitch on our other car

-Sunroof Lining, and metal spring wind deflector are broken

*not a necessity

-Not functioning as much of a chick magnet as I would like it to

*Posted on Instagram, Twitter, and I give free rides/let friends drive it (taught my friend stick the other day with it)

-Windshield Wiper fluid motor broken, squirter nozzles bent in

*not a necessity

-Rim paint is bad with black spots in places

*ordered white gloss rim paint (maybe should've gotten matte because the car paint is so old already)

-Key sometimes falls out of the ignition (this time not GM's fault) <--------Reference to recent problems

*Car keeps running even with it out so nothing to fix here :)

-Windshield Wipers move REALLY slow

*Not actually sure if that's normal, but I live in Oregon and I need faster wipers for when it pours/I am caught in a torrent (which happens WAY to frequently haha)

-Smells like hay (I've been told old BMW's smell the same as the upholstery has been stuffed with hay)

*Bought a cool Pina Colada air freshener

***Plans for the car*** (as money comes available)

-Remove front bumper, possible rear as well (at least shorter shocks)

-Front air dam?

-Euro Bumpers conversion?

-New "Vintage style" license plate (Blue and yellow lettering would look cool on a classic car)

-Remove environmentally-friendly stuff (As soon as they raise the smog requirements to newer cars)

-Put car on better springs/shocks/suspension to hopefully lower it a good 1 1\2 inch

-Paint Rims White

-New Intercooler

-Side Draft Intake

-Weber 38/38 carb

-Powerlocks on all doors

-Replace Rubber on the car (all old and some cracking, doesn't keep water from coming in)

-Re-set windows in doors (they don't go down OR up all the way)

-Performance Exhaust (Something real loud to grab attention, something that sounds powerful)

This is my friend in this picture (who owns a nice old 3 series), taken on 4th July with a flag on my antennae (ended up bending it pretty bad --oops) and a huge flag in the background


ANY advice is welcome! including "what I should do next", or "have you considered this?" or other things - Thanks everyone!


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