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Resto of an Inka roundie

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It Begins

This is my 73 “base” 2002 getting a little freshening up… years ago I put stuff into a blog on this forum but I can no longer find it under the new format, no biggie… At the time a friend and I fixed some rust here and there (with dishwasher metal, sorry), I replaced both trunk and engine lid (hopeless rust around the trim holes), and my mechanic did a lot of invisible upgrades (later car brakes, 5 speed, EFI with DTA computer, head, radiator, exhaust, stuff I forget)… I finished her with Aardvark Recaros and Rota wheels (which I love but don’t really fit as you can tell from my car’s ridiculous stance)… At the time it dyno’d at Tii levels - a hoot - and that would be “Tii with perfect injection” ;-) I was also completely upside down on the car, so I took it easy and drove her happily like this for years, which was great because the paint was just crappy enough that I wasn’t worried about it, but good enough from 6ft away! But the time has come to finish things off… I’m moving cross country (FL to CA) and losing my awesome garage… the car had to go in storage for several months before the actual move. Given the cost of classic car storage and the speed of restoration shops, I figured if I gave it to them to restore, I’d save 4-5 months of storage fees ;-) That’’ll buy me some chrome ! Here she is during the move. I think Uhaul stole the Inka palette for their boxes So this time around the old paint layers come off: my average repair-respray, the PO’s terrible peeling respray, and the bondo… At the same time, we’re redoing the headliner, shortening the rear bumpers to Euro size (closing the US side-hole), replacing all the rubber, courtesy of the irreplaceable Mr Blunt. We already found some decent bondo sculptures around the fender I did not touch last time Rust however appears pretty limited to the windshield surround (plus pinhole on the back glass): plus a weird spot in the middle of the roof of all places. There was more initially but this is round 2 and I am not expecting too many surprises… Famous last words. Some straightening required on this panel mostly… She was hit in the rear quarter at some point and the repair was sloppy, flatness wise… Right now we’re having fun matching Inka… My guy is good and cheap (FL labor being 1/2 of CA) but not using a factory paint brand and there aren’t conversions for Inka under sherwin williams. At least nothing that looks remotely close. We did 3 test shoots so far and all were pathetically brown-orange. We’re also gonna redo the engine bay because it’s nasty… brake fluid damage, dirt, half respray…. You can see the respray cracking over the old stuff. That sticker is under where we found a shiny pristine Inka sample we’ll scan and match. I’m not trying to do a concours car, just be in the ballpark I hope those stickers (all of them) can be sourced… I’m also debating the dash - mine is cracked and has a plastic cover on it. Both to hide the crack and the seatbelt warning light. I know it’s time to redo it but it’s not their specialty, if all I’m saving is a windshield removal, I’ll wait till I can sort this out… More to follow…



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