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1974 2002 build

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I gutted the interior. removed all of the seats & seatbelts.. I have yet to remove the headliner and center console. gutted the trunk as well. I have to head to work so im gonna contemplate my options on how to fix these rust spots if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment!

spare tire rust




trunk rust


Driver side floor pan rust

20140501_140534_zpsmidzv95x.jpgrear seat and arch rust


driver side rear floor pan


passenger side rear floor pan rust20140501_135605_zpsn9cy1via.jpg


blog-0707452001398974208.jpgblog-0707452001398974208.jpgblog-0707452001398974208.jpgblog-0707452001398974208.jpgblog-0707452001398974208.jpgblog-0707452001398974208.jpgblog-0707452001398974208.jpgI just bought on april 30th 2014 proud owner here. I bought this car from a 28 year old guy that had this car with him for 14 years with his family. he has had this thing sitting for approximately 2 years in texas heat and there's spots of rust. I know I have alot of things I need to do and fix so this is my build

a little about me. I am 31 years old I am a registered nurse. before i became a nurse I was a mechanic for 5 years general maintenance and trouble shooting. Im up to the point in my life where everything is in its place so i wanted to work on cars as my main hobby. I am planning on getting married in a year so majority of my funds will go to my wedding plans. Even though that is going to happen i will still have funds to fix this car up.

here are my plans

-fix all the rust or prevent rust from spreading.

-drop an m20 engine and convert my 4 speed to 5speed

-keep the regular factory paint color and keep it classy

-do some suspension work to autocross someday

-put factory bbs rims 16's max not a fan of stance style either

here is how the car looked in 2005 from pics by the PO.

lthough it looked nice i dont think the PO dealt with the rust issues before hand. He told me he just did a paint job and made it look nice.


This is how the car sits right now


lucky me he had 320i recaro seats & 6 series rear seats in!DSC04638_zps49df789b.jpg




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