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There are some more pictures of the car. As far as modifications go, it has a 32/36 Weber downdraft, ANSA exhaust, larger swaybars, Bilsteins, and performance springs. 14" Panasport wheels. It has a 5-speed from an E21. The interior has Recaros.

For the engine, I'm going to have it rebuilt this winter due to worn piston rings. I'm planning a 292 cam, 9.5:1 pistons, and IE exhaust. For carbs, I still haven't decided between a 38/38 weber downdraft or two 40DCOE sidedrafts. But, I have a lot of time to decide.

As far as suspension goes, my plans for the car include even larger swaybars, different springs (IE Spring & Swaybar Kit), and larger brakes. I'm going to keep the Bilsteins, as I'd just be replacing them with the same set.


Bought An 02!

After about a year of wanting to get a 2002, I found one that I wanted to purchase. I was able to find it through the NorEast 02ers and I bought it after a PPI at SCR. I got it for a price well within my budget and I love it so far. I've started a few topics here on the FAQ and have some 02 literature on my way (02 Restoration Guide, Haynes Repair Manual) so I can learn as much as I can about the car. It's a first in a lot of ways; it's my very first car and also my first 02, my first BMW, etc. I love the car so far; and have plans for it in the future, which I'll have up here when I compile a list of them.

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