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BMW 2002 Service Repair Manual

BMW 2002 Service Repair Manual

This repair manual is intended to ensure that the maintenance and repair work required  for BMW cars is done in the correct manner. Therefore this manual should be used by inspectors and fitters as it helps to supplement the practical and theoretical knowledge they have acquired at our service training school


The relevant specifications are always provided at the beginning of each main group.



  1. Introduction
  2. Axle - Front
  3. Axle - Rear
  4. Automatic Transmission
  5. Body Equipment
  6. Body Work
  7. Brakes
  8. Clutch
  9. Electrical System - General
  10. Engine - Electrical
  11. Engine and Mechanical
  12. Equipment (Miscellaneous)
  13. Exhaust
  14. Foot Pedals
  15. Fuel System
  16. Fuel Tank
  17. Gear Selection
  18. Gearbox
  19. Drive Shaft
  20. Heat and Air Conditioning
  21. Instrument Panel
  22. Radiator
  23. Radio and Antenna
  24. Seats
  25. Steering Whee Alignment
  26. Wheels and Tires
  27. Wiring Diagrams
  28. Wiring Diagram (Oversized)


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Thank you very much for this info. My 15 year old son has purchased a 1971 2002tii which is just a numbers matching body and engine which has been stripped down for racing. We are in the process of bringing it back to the streets. Is the fuel chapter missing pages? The fuel injection troubleshooting portion and a few other sections seem to be missing. His runs very rich and we are trying to figure out why. Thanks Again!


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On 9/18/2018 at 1:15 AM, Bennyboybud said:

The fuel injection troubleshooting portion and a few other sections seem to be missing

Here you will find what you want



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Holy christ you uploaded the whole thing, Steve?!  The FAQ has been my favorite site on the internet for many years and i know you have done a ton of work through the years to keep it that way.  I really appreciate it as i finally near getting mine back on the road!

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Hello, I am a first time poster. I am restoring a 1971 roundie that does not have an  ignition key. This manual is a fantastic tool to reference but I cannot find any information or directions on removing the ignition so a key can be made, any directions and many thanks for loading this very valuable resource.   Doug

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