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steve k.
steve k.

Replacing Radiator In 27 Minutes

On the way to the SoCal Vintage BMW Meet the new to me car was overheating when reaching highway speeds. The drive was a bit painful with multiple stops to let the car cool and took forever since i had to keep the car at about 80km/h. We didn't get to Santa Barbara until after 1am. Early morning and slow drive to Van Nuys followed.

The plan for the show was to set up the tents, put the cars in place, and then find a suitable radiator.

By the time we made it to Woodley Park, Ray from Elefant Supply already had the canopies set up. We did a little rearrangement, unloaded 3 tourings and had the FAQ booth functioning. Shirts, cars and tiny cars were on display, so it was time to find a radiator. Lucky for us Jack Fahuna had 3 at his shop, ProBimmer, about 5 minutes away. We were able to get the newly recored radiator, thermostat and a switch, just in case.

After some socializing and looking at cars it was time to finally get the radiator in place. The best way to get this done quickly is to have Jan and Alex Echeverri standing by.

Here are the photos of what happened between 1:00PM and 1:27PM

Removing clamps and disconnecting the hoses:

Hose clamops

hose clamps


A well deserved drink

needed drink

Removing the old radiator

old radiator

empty space

new radiator ready to go

Positioning the new radiator

new radiator waiting

positioning the radiator

4 bolts going in

bolt is in

passenger side bolts

Bottom Bolts

Connecting the hoses

connecting the hoses

connecting the hoses

hose to waterneck

tighten hose clamp

Termostat In

Thermostat in place

Installing the sensor

Installing the temp sensore

All done

all set

Running the engine to get the water flowing. Heater is on.

Running the engine to get the water flow

Waiting for thermostat to open

One more minute and it's over

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