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2002 carby to ITB MegaSquirt Injection

Original author: johnhup

I have decided to go a different route then most and install two indivual throttle bodies (ITBs) instead of a single throttle body and plenum type system. So far everything is working great based on Speed Density (Maifold pressure reading) which many thought would not be possible. I also have a more agressive cam with no overlap which probably makes the situation easier (278 duration, .288" lift). More information to come as I install EDIS spark control. Until then I wont be able to give a full review.


Major parts

  • 2 TWM 2900 DOCE 40mm's (2900 + 2910)
  • TWM Fuel rail
  • TWM pressure regulator (2800-6401)
  • TWM TPS switch and plug
  • Mangoletsi intake manifold
  • 318 water manifold
  • Copper pipe bypassing manifold (to heater box)
  • Electronic under-car fuel pump (40+ PSI. for a Ford F150)
  • MegaSquirt (MS II v3. keeping distributor for now, future expansion in mind)
  • O2 sensor (Innovate LC-1)
  • 12' MegaSquirt pre-labeled wiring harness
  • Mechanical fuel pump blockoff plate
  • Two Bosch temperature sensors (62110788115)
  • Painless wiring 7 circuit fuse box (dual relay hot switched relays)
  • OEM BMW intake manifold gaskets
  • Injectors (22# Bosch Pink Tops)
  • Lokar throttle cable 36"
  • Mangoletsi barb for brake vacuum
  • Grommets
  • More band clamps (big ones for fuel pump)
  • Hose mounting clamps
  • 50mm TWM air horns




  • EAR-100199ERL - Gauge adapter AN6 male-to-female
  • 230206ERL x 2 - AN6 Fuel filters
  • AEI-12301 - AN10 10 micron fuel filter
  • AER-FBM2162 x 2 - AN6 to AN10 reducer male to male
  • EAR-809106ERL - 90 degree AN6 swivel hose fitting
  • EAR-310006ERL x 2 - 10ft of AN6 autoflex stainless hose
  • EAR-800106ERL x 5 - AN6 swivel seal hose fittings
  • AER-FBM1512 - AN6 to barb
  • EAR-360165ERL - AN6 to 5/16 hard line
  • RUS-650340 - Fuel pressure gauge
  • EAR-985006ERL - AN6 o-ring male straight cut to male AN6


Sensor calibration

The temperature sensors were ordered from my local independent BMW parts dealer. OEM part number 62110788115. They are just the simple one wire-hookup type, the housing is the ground. They were very easy to calibrate actually. A lot easier than I thought. Just get yourself a known working thermometer and freeze and boil some water measuring the Ohm's at 3 three known intervals. Here are my results:


  • F - Ohms
  • 44 - 1.300
  • 80 - 0.568
  • 185 - 0.73


I then plugged them into my MegaSquirt and they all checked out. That simple.



Pickups (Hall, coil, VR): http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/pickups.htm

36-1 tooth, Ford EDIS ignition (future): http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/EDIS.htm

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