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Pertronix Basics & Installation Guide

Pertronix Basics & Installation Guide



The first step towards upgrading your points-based ignition system is to figure out which Pertronix belongs in your distributor. If the distributor has ever been replaced, you have to make sure the distributor matches the Pertronix you are ordering. Years BMW Model Pertronix # 1969-72 2002 excluding Bosch dist. # 0-231-115-045 1847V 1972-73 2002 with Bosch distributor # 0-231-180-003 1847V 1972-73 2002 with Bosch distributor # 0-231-180-008 1843 1972-73 2002tii 1847V 1974 2002 Tii, 2002 1843 1975-76 2002 1847V 1977-79 e21 320i (in case you're running one on your '02) 1847V




If you have about an hour you could install it that quickly after you get it. Follow the directions in your manual on how to get the old stuff out and then you can start putting the Pertronix in.


The instructions that come with the Pertronix are generally very good, so we suggest that you just follow them for the most part. There are, however, three trouble spots that some people run into. The first is a small solder spot that appears to be in the way in one of the brackets. Just work with it a little and you should be able to get it positioned well.


View of Pertronix magnet and sensor installed (need photo)


Second is the rubber grommet that you have to put through a hole. Needle nose pliers and a small screwdriver help here.


The third thing is the magnet piece that goes over the shaft. The top of it needs to be flush with the top of the sensor. It has some areas that need to line up and some people have had problems with it. You still use the same rotor and cap, but you may want to replace them if you haven't in a while.


Pertronix leads go to postive and negative side of coil (need Photo)


The Pertronix upgrade is easy, quick, and very rewarding, especially if you are running some elderly points. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them to the Message Board!


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Will the 1847V work with my 1969 '02 with the Distributor number 0-231-115-045?  My model has the point post on the base plate of the distributor which is in the way of the Petronix base plate.  If I remove the point post, would it work?  

Thanks in advance.  Kaz

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