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Tail light bezel gaskets

So as many of us face with old cars , some parts no longer exist or are just crazy expensive. This is one solution that I think may be helpful to some of the folks trying to keep our 02 alive, and how to install a a non factory part gasket into the rear taillight bezel. 


Remove the old "crusty " one, now is a good time to get the bezel on the buffing wheel.


Old Rear Light Gasket on BMW 2002


Sure most of the 40 year old gaskets look like this, if even there


Old Rear Light Gasket on BMW 2002


From McMaster Carr company, order part number 8605K114 this is Ultra weather resistant EPDM foam cord 3/16 diameter 10 ft long, enough to do both tail lights with some to spare, it was about 5 bucks( you can look up the specs on their site for temp ranges and so on.)


McMaster Carr Part


Without stretching the cord push it gently into the bezel slot, If you pull it too tight, over time it will creep and you will have a gap.I used a Popsicle  stick to push it in gently and evenly. 


Light Gasket Installed

New Gasket Installed on BMW 2002 Rear Light


The finished product, Yes I know it is not white as the old one. There are silicone rubbers of similar size and hardness that are white. They may create a challenge when trying to compress them along the entire perimeter of the bezel, also their light (UV) resistance is not as good. and the price is 5 fold.  I honestly I think black just looks better. 


New Gasket Installed on BMW 2002 Rear Light


Good luck and happy motoring







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