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Installation of BMW 2002 Door Glass and Door Components

Installation of BMW 2002 Door Glass and Door Components

Installation of BMW 2002 Door Glass and Door Components

Larry Gray @2002#3  and Karl Bergmann @bergie33 (6/27/23)


A door or window component installed out of order can easily block the installation of a subsequent part(s).  The result can be wasted time, lost energy, and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual upheaval.  Therefore, a reasonable and practical order of installation of components is important to overall '02 happiness.  This tech article will cover the proper order of installation of the door internal components, the specific parts that are installed in the doors, and the necessary hardware for a complete installation.



General Order of Operation

1.  grommets

2.  connecting rod

3.  door opening/lock mechanism, inner door handle mechanism, & connecting rod

4.  window glass, rubber seal, & window guide rail

5.  window regulator & window regulator arm

6.  vent window regulator

7.  vent window frame, front vent window frame bracket, front upper door bracket & front lower door bracket

8.  male tab & female tabs

9.  rear window guide rail

10.  window guide rail, window regulator arm &  guide slot

11.  front window bracket , green plastic insert, & front upper stopper

12.  front window bracket

13.  rear window holder, rear upper stopper, distance rubber, nylon bushings

14.  adjustments


General Installation

Let's assume (i) everything [except the door stop mechanism] has been removed from the door (cards, glass, door mechanisms, locks, handles, fasteners, etc., (ii) each piece has been meticulously cleaned, rehabbed, replaced, and well lubricated, (iii) all necessary rust, filling, and painting issues have been resolved, and (iv) all parts are ready to be installed. 



·         The guidelines in this article refer to 2002's in general.  Individual cars and models might vary.

·         Take photos of all components, fasteners, nuts, bolts, etc. in their pre-removal position.

·         Use a scribe to outline the pre-removal position of each bolt head, washer, and fastener. 

·         Keep all bolts and fasteners slightly loose during installation to facilitate adjustments

·         Keep adjusting the forward window bracket (L-shaped; 2 wheels) throughout the process so

          both wheels continually touch the vent window frame regardless of the position of the window

          (up or down) - one wheel touching the front and one wheel touching the back of vent window frame.

·         Make sure each original hole drilled through the window glass contains a small plastic bushings/sleeve through which bolts will

          pass.  These bushings/sleeves are easily lost because they are small and hidden under rubber buffers which attach to the glass.

·         Keep like-function bolts fasteners together, especially short bolts.



1.      Install 2 new clear plastic grommets into the door opening/lock mechanism and 1 grommet into the inner door handle mechanism.  This will fix annoying door rattles when driving and when closing the doors.


Door Grommet


Door Opening/Lock  Mechanisms





2.      SEE END NOTE.  Install one end of the long connecting rod into the door opening/locking mechanism and the other end of the rod into the inner door handle mechanism.


Door Opening/Lock Mechanisms with Connecting Rod



3.      SEE END NOTE.  Install the door opening/locking mechanism, the inner door handle mechanism, and the connecting rod at the same time.  Test for proper opening, closing, and locking functions.

4.      Place window glass (with likely-attached rubber seal and window guide rail) into the door and let it rest onto the bottom of the door.  Yes, all by its lonesome.  This is the only time when insertion of the glass will be easy.  You will be working around the glass, which will be secured later.

5.      Install the window regulator (3 short bolts).  Lower the regulator arm almost to its lowest point.

6.      Install the vent window regulator.

7.      Install the vent window frame (5 bolts).  Attach the front vent window frame bracket to the front upper door bracket (near the top door hinge), the frame to the door just below the vent window, the lower frame to the front lower door bracket, and that bracket to a shelf in the bottom of the door.

8.      Connect the vent window frame male tab and the vent window regulator female tab (1 bolt). 

Test for proper function.


Connection of Male and Female Tabs



9.    Install the rear window guide rail (4 bolts).

10.  Insert the end of the regulator arm into the guide slot in the window guide rail.  The small washer should end up on the outside of the rail and the large washer should end up on the inside of the rail. 



 Regulator Arm Washers/Spring 



 Regulator Arm



Window Guide Rail and Regulator Arm in Guide Slot



11.  Install the front window bracket (L-shaped, 2 wheels) and the front upper stopper (same bolts).  Make sure one wheel rides on the front of the vent window frame and one rides on the back of the frame.  If you manipulate it properly, it will snap into place.  Yes, it will.  The green/white plastic insert must be forced into the rail.


Front Window Bracket in Place



12.  Push the glass securely into the vent window frame felt channel, manipulate the front window bracket so both wheels touch the rail, and tighten the bracket bolts.  This bracket is the main support and guide for the window.


13.  Attach the rear window holder (has two white plastic inserts) onto the rear window guide rail.  The rear window holder, the rear upper stopper, the plate, and the distance rubber might already be attached to the window glass. When assembling the rear window holder, the distance rubber folds over the bottom of the window.  From outside to inside, the order is hex bolts, washers, rear stopper, rear window bracket, rubber buffer, glass, nylon bushings (in the holes; DO NOT lose them!), rubber buffer, plate.  The rear window guide rail is the major part involved in adjustment and smooth operation.  You might be moving it more than any part during adjustment. 



Rear Window Holder Seated Onto the Rear Window Guide Rail 



Nylon Bushings, Sourced from Ace Hardware




14.  Readjust the front window bracket to make sure both of its wheels touch the vent window frame rail.


END NOTE:  Steps 2 and 3 can be the last steps in the installation if desired.  Such action will provide valuable room for Steps 4 through 13.   However, completing Steps 2 and 3 at the end will involve some unanticipated planning, finagling, twisting, and thought processes.  It will be a puzzle and you will find its solution really quite easy...but only in hindsight. 


Everything is likely in its proper place, and you are almost done.  Now, the window must be adjusted - not much if you are lucky.  Our FAQ2002 site has several posts which provide excellent guidelines for adjustments:  freedom and ease of movement, maximum height (determined by the adjustable 2 stops; one on each end for the bottom of the window glass), lean out/in, evenness of raising and lowering (top edge raises and lowers parallel to the top edge of the door), snugness of the edges of the window and vent window frame against weather stripping around the door opening (to keep out water), snugness of the glass against the outer squeegee, etc.



Details of the Installation, Assembly, Hardware, and Fasteners

Here are the different assembly processes 

·         Parts and Hardware/Fasteners

·         Vent Window Frame

·         Window Regulator

·         Rear Window Guide

·         Door Opening/Locking Mechanism & Inner Door Handle Mechanism


These are arranged below to show the parts, hardware, and assembly for each section and to provide additional details to the above assembly instructions.


A.        Parts and Hardware/Fasteners


1.  The Door




2.  The Parts




Door Opening/Locking Assembly



3.  Hardware and Fasteners (# needed for both doors)

·         M6x16 bolts with 2 captured washers (20)

·         M6x18 bolts (4)

·         M6x16 bolts (4)

·         M6x8 bolts (6)

·         M6x16 flat head Philips screw (2)                                                                    

·         M6 toothed washers (14)

·         M6 flat washers large diameter (16)

·         M6 flat washers small diameter (2)

·         M6 hex nuts (2)

·         M6x12 Oval head phillips screws (4)

·         M6x16 Flat head screws (4)

·         M5x10 hex bolts (4)

·         M5 Toothed washers (4)



B.       Vent Window Frame


Vent Window Frame



Vent Window Regulator



Front Lower Door Bracket



Front Upper Vent Window Frame Bracket


Front Upper Door Bracket 


Male Tab




1.      Vent Window Frame to door (2 holes below vent window)

     ·         M6x18 bolts (4)

     ·         M6 toothed washers (4)

     ·         M6 flat washers large diameter (4)

2.      Front Vent Window Frame Bracket to Front Door Bracket (Upper door bracket is

            attached to the door at the upper door hinge with 2 M6x16 bolts with 2 captured washers).

     ·         M6x16 bolts with captured washers (4)        

3.      Vent Window Frame to Front Lower Door Bracket

     ·         M6x16 flat head Philips screw (2)

     ·         M6 toothed washer (2)

     ·         M6 flat washer small diameter (2)

     ·         M6 Hex nuts (2)

4.      Front Lower Bracket to lower door (Bracket is attached

            to the door at the lower raised platform.)

     ·         M6x16 bolts with 2 captured washers (4)

5.      Vent Window Regulator to vent window and door

     ·         M6x16 bolts (2) – to attach vent window frame male tab and the vent window regulator female arm

     ·         M6x16 bolts with 2 captured washers (4) – to attach the vent window regulator to the door.




C.      Window Regulator     


                                       Regulator Arm

Window regulator



                                                                                                        Guide Slot

Window Guide Rail



Rubber Seal    


Front Window Bracket 


Front Upper Stopper




1.  Window Regulator to door

     ·         M6x8  hex bolts (6)

     ·         M6 toothed washers (6)

     ·         M6 large diameter flat washers (6)

2.  Window Guide Rail and Rubber Seal to window

     ·         split pin 4mmx28mm (or 5/32” x  1-1/2” ) (2)

     ·         nylon bushing - 1/4" od x 1/4" long, for #8 screw (2)

3.  Front Window Bracket to Window Guide Rail and Front Upper Stopper (Front upper stopper is attached on the opposite side of the guide rail from the roller bracket, using the same attaching bolt)

     ·         M6x16 bolt with 2 captured washers (4)



D.     Rear Window Guide




Rear Window Holder (with Rear Upper Stopper installed)



Rear Window Guide Rail 



Plate (with Distance Rubber)



Distance Rubber



Rear Upper Stopper



1.      Rear Window Holder, Distance Rubber, Rear Upper Stopper, and Plate to window

     ·         M6x25 hex bolts (4)

     ·         M6 flat washers, large diameter (4)

     ·         Nylon Bushings – 10mm od x 6mm id x 5mm thick (4)

2.      Rear Window Guide Rail to upper door

     ·         M6x16 hex bolts (2)

     ·         M6 Toothed washers (2)

     ·         M6 flat washers, large diameter (2)

3.      Rear Window Guide Rail to lower door

     ·         M6x16 bolts with 2 captured washers (4)



 E.     Door Opening/Locking Mechanism & Inner Door Handle Mechanism


Door Opening/Locking Mechanism  


Door Latch Bump Stop


 Inner Door Handle Mechanism





1.      Door Opening/Locking Mechanism to Door

     ·         M6x12 Oval head Philips screws (4)

2.      Door Latch Bump Stop to Door Opening/Locking Mechanism

     ·         M6x16 Flat head screws (4)

3.      Inner Door Handle Mechanism to Door

     ·         M5x10 hex bolts (4)

     ·         M5 Toothed washers (4)

     ·         M5 flat washers, large diameter (4)

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