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The Bavarian Experience on Petrolicious

All month the vintage auto site Petrolicious is showcasing BMW's greatest historic wares. Full disclosure, I write for them in addition to owning a '70 2002 and posting my dumb questions for all of your informed responses here. Petrolicious is calling the monthly focus the Bavarian Experience, and I just uploaded a 2002-centric piece titled I Drove a BMW 2002 and Found God, here's a taste:

"Today is the kind of day I moved to California for. Virgin blue skies overhead, a salty hint of the ocean pervades a full mile inland, and the fresh sunlight clashes against the chrome of my newly acquired vintage BMW. I’m enjoying this stereotypically beautiful day carving through mountain roads in my 1970 BMW 2002, and I want this moment to continue forever. As an offering to the sun gods, I blip the throttle and invoke all the spits and snarls of Vesuvius as I bear down on a blind mountain corner at a truly laughable rate.

Some people believe that I have an addiction to this kind of speed—an insatiable defect that propels me to push a machine’s limits. Truth be told, I do enjoy speed and its ensuing rush, but is not the velocity itself that I desire. It is silence.

I have the kind of brain that never stops churning. My mind is constantly grappling with about three completely disparate thoughts all clamoring for a solution. Silencing this Greek chorus within my skull is the only way I find mental peace. Some pray or meditate to achieve this effect, many other people smoke drugs or drink alcohol. Myself, I choose burning hydrocarbons at a rapid pace on an alter of asphalt.

Together the 2002 and I climb and crest the undulating black snake of tarmac and defy the reaching weeds and brush. Pushing and pushing, I seek all this ancient BMW has to offer. Either I am going to win, or inertia is. The California mountain roads like Mulholland and Topanga are famous for a reason; these roads are flat and smooth, the scenery breathtaking, and the local constabulary noticeable by their absence. Taking a vintage steed like this into the California canyons is one of life’s great pleasures. Here is where I become one with my machine; here is where we truly get to know each other—biblically speaking."

Hit the link above to read the rest of the story and to see all the great photography on the site. Be sure to see what else Petrolicious comes out with this month and as always, let us know what else we should write about this month and we'll snap to it!

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Nice write-up, Adam, you brought us into your ride...

Thanks for exposing the pleasures of the 02 to so many others.  I've been 'in-the-zone' like you've described in my 02 (if just a little more safe/sane) - and it truly is nirvana.



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Hey alright Adam like that story I really identify with what your saying. I'm on my 5th 2002 over 27 year period. My current 02 is not as nice as yours on the outside but on the inside I have around 20$ thousand invested in it. And it screams like a bad out of hell very fun to drive.

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