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Vintage Car Racing in a ski resort - Snowmass Colorado

Racing vintage cars in Colorado got more interesting last year.  Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing has an event in Aspen Snowmass.  It is at the foot of the ski resort racing through the streets of Snowmass Village.  This year we had 8 BMW 02s and a TiSA.  The course is very busy, with 17 corners and a steep 8% grade section in a 1.3 mile loop.  The event was two days of racing with a car show.  Whats not to like about going on vacation to one of the best places in Colorado, at one of the best times of the year, stay in a really nice hotel 100 ft from the race paddock.  There is nothing else like this event anywhere.  I posted video in the video section and here is a selection of pictures from photographer Jay Bonvouloir of just the BMW highlights..  He has more pictures.  




Snowmass18 1192


Snowmass18 1497


Snowmass18 1458


Snowmass18 1034


Snowmass18 0570


Snowmass18 0643


Snowmass18 0018


Snowmass18 0091


Snowmass18 0348


Snowmass18 0660


Snowmass18 0681


Snowmass18 0980


Snowmass18 1189


Snowmass18 1176


Here is some video of the circuit - mostly BMW 02s




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pretty venue.


but..holy crap that couse is scary.  stone walls, metal guardrails, barricades, vertical drop offs on the inside of turns, trees, no runoff, etc.  i get that it is vintage racing, so maybe 7/10's effort.  even at that level it is scary.  I have been racing for many years, but would happily just spectate at that event....

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